Jonathan David

Arsenal are expected to be in the market for a striker this month if one of Nketiah or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang does leave, with Lille forward Jonathan David being closely monitored by the Gunners

Of those mentioned in the piece on striker targets that we published last month (see the link above), Alexander Isak and Jonathan David have been of longest-standing interest.

Are you confident enough if we signed him now, he hits the ground running for what we need for top 4?

I think with Laca in the mix, yes.

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Has any player from the french league ever hit the ground running? Most of them never even get to that stage after years.

I’ll add them to the OP.

Fofana just last season?

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Koscielny? Physically he had some struggles in his first year but he was still pretty impressive and a regular starter

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Evra was pretty good but forwards are different.

I was actually thinking of hazard when i wrote that but it was more rhetorical with the point being I dont trust any attacker coming from the french league.


So has anyone reliable said anything about this guy signing for us or?

See OP.

Payet made a pretty instantaneous impact when he joined West Ham, if memory serves me well (it often doesn’t)

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Yes he did.

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Yeah, I assume he is one of the alternatives to Vlahovic who seems to be at the top of the list.

“sort after” :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Vlahovic and David in, Laca and Auba out?


If the numbers Vlahovic and his agent are after are accurate, I’d be more than happy with us looking at David instead.