Jonathan David

I can’t say that I’ve watched him play much beyond YT vids and a couple Lille matches when I wasn’t focused on him at all but the profile of this guy terrifies me - kind of a short stocky guy but (unlike, say, Sergio Aguero) doesn’t seem to be all that quick or particularly twitched up as an athlete, plays almost exclusively in a two striker system alongside a bigger striker. It’s not hard to see why people compare him to Lacazette.


I remember @Burgundy (who hasn’t been here for a good while) saying similar about Lacazette when we were linked to him and I didn’t quite see the warning signs back then as I was more taken with making a big signing at the striker position, he made a comparison with Defoe.

Isn’t to say it’ll go the same way for David wherever he goes but at face value players that don’t stand out physically in a significant way especially in the forward positions don’t fill me with much confidence particularly those who would be transitioning to the PL


David might be stocky but isn’t a bad athlete ffs. :rofl:
His athleticism is actually one of his main attributes.

Quick feet, ambidexterous and has great balance.

Regarding the rumours, I think he’s the most ideal alternative if Vlahovic doesn’t work out.

Its not like I watch a lot of Lille games but athleticism is one trait that you often can tell quite a bit about from YT vids and he honestly looks to me like a very mediocre athlete. I don’t think I have seen a single example where he turned and really accelerated away from a defender or showed a really quick burst over a short distance to beat a good CB to a cross or pullback. And he’s certainly not beating anybody in a footrace on a ball over the top.

I think he has a ton of trouble making an impact in the PL playing against defenders that are all bigger and quicker than him. Like Laca, he’ll always be a half step too slow to get a foot on that ball across the six yard box before the CB does or he’ll get the ball in the box but never be able to create that yard of space to get a shot off. And while he seems like a decent footballer he doesn’t come across as some kind of technical wizard who is going to make magic with the ball despite never having space.

I would pay 70m and 300k per week for Vlahovic - who really looks like the real deal to me in every way, from size to athleticism to technique - before I’d want to pay 35m and 150k per week for David.


I had my doubts over him too but it’s mainly due to his aerial prowess and him currently operating as a second striker.
I think there is certainly a player to work with here though. His CV so far speaks volumes and think he deservingly falls into the wonder kid category along with Saka and co.

If Dusan and his agents keep messing about just go get this kid from Lille now and be done with it.

None of that 300k pw demands, or unreasonable 80m release clauses.

Get him in!
Flawless Laca replacement, much younger and more athletic.

Are you saying he’s a similar player to Lacazette??

I mean, he’s the player he’s been compared to the most.

One to steer clear of then perhaps lol


Considering he could turn out even better than him I doubt you could say that.

That’s what I’m thinking too :joy:

Don’t need another striker who’s even better at not scoring

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He could be EVEN better than Laca?! Wow!

His goalscoring record as a second forward and yearly improvement can’t be slept upon.

You do realize this kid is the top scorer in the same league that Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are playing, right?

How many people have actually watched him play? And I don’t mean YouTube comps

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If you wanted to impress me perhaps you should have lead with that rather than saying the player he’s most compared to is Lacazette lol

It was just a flippant comment about a new Lacazette not sounding that appealing I’m not really writing him off, relax lol

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Sure but Lacazette in his heyday was a demon in Ligue 1. So it’s not an underwhelming comparison for the kid.
Laca was doing it with Lyon of course and he was a bit older.
David is 21 and is playing for Lille(massive overachievers). He is also much more athletic which is something people complain about Laca.

Lacazette with more athletic ability would be a really good player, I think his lack of X factor really holds him back, so if David has that it’s rather positive.