John Monchi

Moving from Mislintat to Monchi seems like quite a good move and lessens the blow of losing Sven.


Ok I’m not so mad anymore lol

The Spanish Inquisition begins it seems.


How has he done at Roma?

Can’t see him leaving Roma

Sources have also told The Independent that Emery has been consulted over the search for a new technical director, and naturally named his former colleague, backing any pursuit.


I can if the money is right to be honest. Working under a Spanish boss and working directly with Emery (who he’s previously worked with) night actually appeal to him.


I’d imagine he’s being reasonably compensated at Roma considering they actively pursued him.

His remit concerning football decisions at Roma seems bigger than what would be on offer at Arsenal too

Leave this thread plz with your pessimism :wink:

I have a hard time believing we’d get him tbh, but I’ll be thrilled if its true

Monchi is a big fan of Emery. MAKE IT HAPPEN!


If we get Monchi then I expect both doors to the squad building are going to stay open 24/7 He does not seem the type who likes to sit on his hands, I expect an epic squad reshuffling if he arrives


He is extremly capable of finding talent for cheap but i have some concerns.
My friend is a Roma fan and he says that in general Roma fans are not happy with him, he is selling key players for big money and brining young talented players in (who will be sold once they double or triple the buying value) this would fit our boards narrative ofcoruse.

If we no longer have the ambition to compete financially with other big clubs (which seems to be the case) he can do work, i like Citys way of doing bussines more :smiley:

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No longer? We (well, not we, our board) never had that ambition. :smiley:


Yeah thats probably true, it’s jut more clear now (when we do loans) than ever.

Not everyone is owned by an Arab country with unlimited money available


BULLSHIT! That is the board that does that, since when does a fucking scout sell players all they do is find talent and suggest them to the club, what the club does as regards said talent and other players is down to them. Could you see any scout coming in and then being like i am bringing in this player and i am gonna sell xyz because i prefer my scouted player. In most set ups not even the manager can decide who they bring in much less who the club sells.

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Not that well, tbh.

Well obviously thats not what scout does, thank you for clarifying.
Monchi however is director of football, was at sevilla and is at Roma at the moment, and as far as i know they play major part in buying/selling players


Well he’s not a scout he’s the Director of Football and his role at Roma is quite literally to buy and sell players and that’s why he’s come under a lot of criticism.

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