Joe Willock

Hu struggled along with the rest of the team early on but recovered after Howe arrived, no? I believe he suffered a knee injury in May so he didn’t finish the season.

I thought he was supposed to have been a good player for them once Howe arrived and the team picked up?

Saw quite a few positive remarks about his later season form from around spring

That’s pretty much what I said. :joy:

Reckon he’ll be a key cog for them in the future.
Also, only a matter of time before his brother joins him in the PL.

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Howe fixing Willock’s season? Send for the man @RockyMaivia


Walcott for £20m was good as well

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I reckon the Martinez deal was good at the time too. We sold a keeper who’d had 3 good months of football his entire career and was in the season half of his 20s for a fee that put him in the top 10 most expensive goalkeepers ever at the time.

Obviously he’s continued being very good so he’s definitely worth more now but at the time I thought it was decent business even if I’ve always felt we should have kept him


Is he worth more than that now? Had a poor second season at Villa.
I think his price did go up after his first season and then with the Copa America win but that was it. That’s his peak so far.
I doubt anyone would be paying 20+m for him currently. I think for now he is stuck at Villa unless he has a top tournament with Argentina.

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This fucking gif is the best haha.


Enjoying quite the year the lad. Happy for him.

Good to see Iwobi & Willock having a good season.
Time for AMN to step up.

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What is this mythical fucking season Iwobi is having fighting relegation.

Players don’t have a good season while their club are in relegation fight?
Richarlison last season had a good season while Everton escaped relegation.

You have some weird irrational vendetta here.

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How many games you watched this season of him?
Interested to see were all this informed opinion is coming from.

One, but if the general consensus is positive, I don’t see any reason to think everyone collectively decided to big up a random player like Iwobi.

How many games have you watched to dismiss Iwobi?

What is the problem in saying someone is having a “Good season”?
No one is saying ‘great season’ or ‘worldclass season’. They are saying a good notable season. It doesn’t require expert analysis to determine a good season.

Why are you so grumpy about it?


Having a very good season by all accounts and another impressive display last night. Pleased to see him doing well, just not if/when it comes against us.

These fuckers are picking up form again.

Our trip to St James Park is going to be very tough.

Happy to see Willock doing well. A good player but whose skill set just didn’t fit (and still wouldn’t) our system.

Not good enough positionally / defensively for Xhaka’s role. Not creative enough for Odegaard’s role. And he’s a worse passer of the ball than both.

I could see him absolutely feasting in the attacking aspect of Xhaka’s role, but he just doesn’t offer enough outside of that.

Maybe he’s improved at Newcastle but we didn’t have the minutes here to develop him tbh. Fuck Newcastle but I do hope Willock is a CL player eventually.

It’s a move that has worked for all parties. Didn’t realise until this season how quick that he is.

I remember there was a vid of some sort where players were answering who the quickest in the team was and most said it’s between him and Auba(who at the time was still rapid).

Tbf, it’s hard to showcase your pace in midfield.

That pass. :pinched_fingers: