João Félix

Atleti will demand close to what they paid for him. That price tag will rule us out and probably every other club barring City / PSG. We also need CL football for his agent to even answer our calls.

He’s always been a very pleasing player to watch. However, his stats at Atleti aren’t that impressive given his likely cost.

Comparing him to our current crop of attackers:

Saka: 19 goals in 116 apps / 20 yrs / 0.16 gpg
EDB: 17 goals in 70 apps / 21 yrs / 0.24 gpg
Gabi: 16 goals in 70 apps / 21 yrs / 0.23 gpg
Felix: 23 goals in 100 apps / 22 yrs / 0.23 gpg

Does he feel like the guy who will develop into a 20+ league goals player for us at CF (or deep / false 9)? We’ve got 3 lads already who are posting his numbers and who are younger and already playing in the PL.

It would be a £80m+ gamble that he suddenly becomes prolific. Interesting rumour but doesn’t stack up for me.


Maybe I am massively misremembering him, but I didn’t think he was true striker coming up?

He’s basically a goal scoring #10. People wince at the thought of ESR as a #9, here you go.

David and Schick for me please :sol:

Totally understand that. I know some coaches can convert players to new positions and Arteta was allegedly very helpful working with Sterling (another non-striker). It’s just the whiplash in player profile that confuses me.

tbf he is a player i’ve been curious about for a while and has that star potential - and i can see argument for getting creative given the paucity of “no miss” strikers (Mbappe, Haaland) or even tier just below that (Vlahovic)… i struggle to see any we can realistically get that get me super excited (we need to buy regardless)… so maybe get a 30-45 million tier, then dump money in other attacking players who maybe aren’t traditional striker. will be very interesting summer.

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Just because Atletico spent what they did doesn’t mean he is worth that much. Obviously if he is contracted longterm though they have the right to not sell unless they get that figure they demand though.

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Not true. Just rumours

Well its good its in the sub section for transfer rumours then isn’t it?


This would be a good link at the right price, probably no more than 60m, however unlikely. That would bring into range Joao Felix in, Pepe out (25-30m) while not upsetting CF and CM plans if we are able to spend 150m on the back of a cleaned out wage bill (and hopefully CL qualification).

So if he isn’t a striker is he a winger then?

Or is he an inside forward or a second striker? Because those last two positions don’t really exist in football anymore.

I miss the days of having striker duos like Cole and Yorke, Owen and Heskey, Henry and Bergkamp.

Feels like you only get false 9s or lone strikers these days with the occasional target man for lower league clubs.

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Surely inside forward is still common, what’s Salah?

Just don’t see it happening with Arteta. He always seemed to be headed towards an eventual 433, or very close to that.

Good point, although I guess I always just saw him as a goal scoring winger that cuts inside, like Robben or Ribery.

I suppose in modern day football there are now so many technical terms that it’s all much of a muchness.

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It’s a bit disappointing that Liverpool style hasn’t been more copied as it’s more exciting and raw.
Obviously the caliber of player isn’t going to be easy to replicate but I do feel it’s a bit more natural.
Think we are all a bit bogged down now with midfield triangles and diamonds and playing with one average or make shift striker.

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Not easy to replicate it though.

They have had two world class wingers who have been capable of 20 plus league goals on each flank not to mention a midifeld that is incredibly robust, athletic and can run all day.

Then there’s the fact they have two FB’s that are essentially their 10’s and can lay on chances like very few FB’s in world football can.

Add in Klopp and it’s a perfect storm over there that even they would struggle to maintain when he leaves.


Yeah Liverpool are in for a nasty surprise when Klopp and Salah eventually leave I think


I think it’ll be when Klopp leaves.

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All true and wouldn’t argue with any of that. Let’s take them 2 FBs though and visualise them at Arsenal.
How less effective do they become if we have our attacking options.
This is sort of my bigger point of basically not understanding why teams choose more possession based football over more forward based football.
There’s definitely a place for both styles but the games got bogged down with over thinking in the midfield without most cases players of special ability for unlocking defences.

Brilliant diving header for the opener

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i really dont see us getting him this rumour has to be bunk he would cost a fortune sure AM wouldnt wanna sell either

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