Joao Cancelo

Just seems such an unlikely move to me

I genuinely think I could be a football writer when I read stories like that. Idle speculation and nothing else.


He plays RB and LB
Tomiyasu could be the back up, move Ben White back into CB and have Cancelo on the right with cover for the left.

Makes complete sense

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This is basically what the rumour mill is lol

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Makes sense if you only consider it from the POV of where he plays and his ability but the apparent attitude issue is hard to ignore. Think we should be looking elsewhere initially.


All you need is a twitter account and you’re set.

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The talent is obviously huge but this guy supposedly squared up to Pep on the training ground. Goes to Bayern and struggles for game time there as well for whatever reason. As far as off the field goes he’s red flag central.

Arteta has worked exceptionally hard to promote a culture here and he’s been justified by a huge improvement in the teams performances and results since previous years. Maintaining that is essential for the process longevity.

Very much a high risk high reward target.


I’ve no problem with the thread. There’s enough noise about him leaving and it could be here he comes.

The headline there though makes it sound like there might be a good reason to think that and then when you read the story it’s actually just PL, Money, Arteta QED. Just such trash.

I reckon I’m in the minority that isn’t concerned about his attitude at all. Largely because I don’t think Mikel or Edu have put a foot wrong in regard to unifying the culture and harmony of the club. If they were willing to take a chance here I’d back them happily.

Also at one point I considered Cancelo to be one of the finest full backs in the league. I believe he would be a transformative signing ala Zinchenko but maybe even more so. He’s such a tidy player on either side and he has fantastic speed and a wicked final ball. Not to mention he comes from the school of inverted full backs which we all know is important to our game regardless of which side he may play.

Most important of all however is that he gives an indirect solution to Saliba’s weird back problems that we don’t seem to know a lot about. Kiwior and Holding clearly just aren’t it and on paper Zinchenko Gabriel White Cancelo actually looks top tier, not reactionary or stitched together like when you throw Holding, Tierney, Tomiyasu into the mix.

I always liked the idea of keeping Tierney but a like for like trade out here really bolsters our depth massively. We just have to hope that Tomiyasu and Saliba can get their shit together with injuries next season and we’d be in a very strong position.


If he can act up to that degree under Pep and a team that are serial winners then why wouldn’t it be something that can happen here also? Could be said its even more likely.

He isn’t guaranteed game time and that seemed to be the source or at least one of the main issues at City and this is a team that will seemingly be losing leadership in Xhaka, who is here to reign him in if it comes to it?

The guy they got rid of before they became crazy good?

Well I’m not gonna question too much after recent Man City castoffs.

Shop there and madrid

Well I must confess I don’t really know what exactly went down between him and Pep. And you’d imagine Mikel probably would have more of an inside track into that situation than fans or journalists. So in that regard I’d back Mikel and Edu to make the right call on whether the risk outweighs the reward.

For me personally and from a footballing point of view I’d be very eager to see him here as at his best he’s as good as White if not even better. And yards clear of Tomiyasu and Tierney. It’s a depth signing that actually improves our first team- which is where we need to be as a club this summer.

My only slight concern is the attitude issues on top of massive wages but then again I’d roll the dice.

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Depends what kind of fee they’re wanting for an out of favour 29 year old.

Joao thinks Pep is a cunt, Arsenal fans think Pep is a cunt, welcome to Arsenal Joao.


Joao Cancelo - Skills, assists, tackles - Welcome to Arsenal | HD

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Joao has a bit of a rep of being very pissy. That was the case at Juve too. It’s similar with Portugal too.

A lot of headlines during the World Cup were on Ronaldo being benched but Cancelo also lost his spot to Dalot and he didn’t take it well at all.
First there’s that footage of Ronaldo trying to talk to him during training about it and him not having it.
I believe he was the only player on the bench who didn’t join in the celebrations when they used to score, in fact, I’ve seen footage where he actually looks angry about it too. :rofl:

He then returned to City and he was subsequently benched by a youth player in Rico Lewis. There were ramblings that Cancelo wasn’t happy about it either and his body language was wrong behind the scenes. I remember Pep being asked around that time about Ake and saying everyone is very happy for him, and then he clarified “everyone except one player”.
That caught the headlines and people quickly linked it to Cancelo, who was gone just a few days later.

To be quite honest with you, I 'm waiting for someone like Ornstein or Fabrizio to confirm our interest in Cancelo to truly believe the rumours as I genuinely can’t see how Arteta would risk poising the well for Cancelo.

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The prob I feel we have here is that we really don’t have the artillery of other clubs to be taking £50-60 mill punts on players we potentially have to offload because they spat their dummies out and want out because something didn’t go as they pleased.

If we already know the potential is there basis the history of the player I feel it’s more sensible to pursue another option.

Why would Cancelo want this move? Perfect option for us though.

If not for his attitude, I’d bite your hand off for this player. He’s absolutely world class, and would lift the quality of our entire back line.

I do wonder he’d be another Auba situation though.

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