Jeff Reine-Adelaide

This means that he’ll train regularly with the first team like Iwobi last season, maybe he’ll get some cup minutes.

I can only imagine some of the replies when Arsenal puts this on their official Twitter feed.

I can foresee a lot of “sign a fucking striker!”

As it should be. We can promote this kid any old time. Even though it’s meaningless, get your work done, then have fun.

Isn’t this 6 week old news?

Official, club confirmed on the Instagram page that he has been promoted to the first team.

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Wish him good luck. He looks a talented player.

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Man, only saw the last 20 minutes of the match but he looks either devoid of confidence, awful, or both.

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Lol yeah didn’t Iwobi look so much better?? :wink: Tbh he looked a little like Sanogo out there.

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Jeff is a talent player but needs to improve. Looks not fast or it’s only a personal impression? …but has technique, great pass and dribbling.

He’s just a kid man we need to be careful not to be put on him a pedestal though he does already seem to have a weird cult following among arsenal fans. We’re more likely to ruin him than actually help him progress with the way our youth record is going.

Basically Arseblogs and his use of 22 jump street quotes doing I suspect.

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Every touch against Forrest, I think this lad will make it here, a very composed all round game from a 18yo


Immense talent. Was unlucky not to score last night. Looking forward to more appearances from Jeff in the future!

His best performance to date. Looks like he’s stepped up a level in his game. Hopefully it continues. Also love the fact he’s not afraid to try a few tricks.

Was really impressed with him last night. Hope we enjoy a lengthy cup run this season, just so we can see more of the Jeff.

I think it would be interesting to convert him into a striker. I don’t know about his finishing but he has an intriguing combination of physique and technique and I wouldn’t be surprised if he adds a little burst of pace over the next couple years as his body really fully develops.

Too often our youth strikers seem to be players like Chuba, Mavididi, Afobe that are often imposing physically but lack quality (I realize Malen is also a striker and doesn’t quite fit that pattern).

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He looks much more a midfielder than a ST to me. I’d like to see him developed as a #10.

Glad for his improved performance yesterday, he looked pretty bad in the game I saw him for the youths against Anderlecht last spring and in the pre-season this summer.

Would really like to see us sign a young ST who is a bit more advanced than Malen, though, someone to be our Iheanacho, let’s say. @Burgundy was our interest in Jean Kevin-Augustin real? I saw he scored a golazo on Friday for PSG, I think I remembered you saying he was untouchable though? Interesting young Moroccan ST En-Nesyri scored an absolute golazo to win it for Málaga last night in one of his first appearances for the first team, could be another one to watch/target. I hope we’re active on this front.

He’s never a striker, but he can pick a pass, has close control, dribbling and the physical ability to charge up the pitch during counter attacks. He’s more in the Yaya or Vieira mold than anything.

In general I think players at this age are too often pigeonholed into positions. We see him a few times playing in one particular position that accentuates a particular skill set and decide that is that. But 17-18 year old footballers are often still pretty malleable. Maybe Jeff could not be a striker but I don’t think you could draw that conclusion firmly without having seen him a lot on the training pitch.

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Chelsea’s Solanke is kind of interesting in this regard as it looks like he is going to run down his contract and leave on a free next summer. He (or his father/agent) seem like trouble to some degree, as they apparently want 50K per week and some guarantee of game time with the first team and that has been the stumbling block to a contract renewal with Chelsea. But we could actually offer him both and he would get to stay in London. The path to minutes, maybe not in the first XI but as a sub and cup player, for a young CF at Arsenal is certainly a lot more viable than at Chelsea or most other big clubs. 50K per week is more than we’ve paid any player at his age and stage of development but Iwobi is on 30K so its not like its totally out of the question. And maybe he would accept slightly less if he got to stay in London and stick it to Chelsea.