Jeff Reine-Adelaide


Can’t remember but he’s not a player PSG will sell anyway.


I liked seeing him on the pitch, minutes are always handy and at this stage of his career, he is hardly going to be dominating games.

He surprised me a few times, although I’m not sure what position he really belongs to?


Totally willing to accept that my memory might be failing me, but has he done much of note for us aside from in pre season friendlies? I just feel generally underwhelmed by him.


He’s got a lot of obvious talent and quality but he clearly is extremely raw/does not process the game fast enough. When I watched the UEFA Youth League game last season against Anderlecht that was obvious…Willock seemed far more advanced than him but I suspect Wenger doesn’t give him chances because he’s not ‘physically developed’ (probably like with Zelalem though I also think Zelalem is more advanced than Reine Adelaide, though not as talented obviously). Really should’ve been somewhere on loan this season playing week in and week out at a competitive level.

Still, I saw enough tiny glimpses of Diaby in that Southampton game for me to dream about him. :heart: :heart: :heart: :DiabyEmoji:


Those (who came here as) 16-year olds are overrated anyway.


Harsh I know this but thought he was crap tbh. Apart from 6 inch passing he was a passenger.
Lucky amount of time he was granted imo.


Yeh. he definitely was pretty crap. Not as much the passing–prefer short sensible passing to the Chamberlain quality-less through ball on repeat approach–but he was slow on the ball/to make decisions and did some stupid dribbles.

Got a lot of improving to do if he wants to take up the mantle from the great Diaby.


Yeah i wont lie; something about his frame reminded me of Diaby and im now hooked. A recipe for failure no doubt though. But i really like the kid.

What i want to know is, what happened to his counterpart?


Yassin Fortune? Playing for the youth teams still.


Thats the one!! Fucking excellent knowledge sir.


Jeff possibly going on loan to Nantes.


I don’t know if Nantes is a good place. Claudio Ranieri is a good manager but hasn’t future with a relegation team like the Yellows. I would like to see him joining Caen.


I’m officially writing him off so.

That’s a big deal in footballing circles obviously. Players rarely recover once I’ve said that.


It doesn’t look good for him…not being brought to pre-season camp was not a good sign (was he injured, though?).


Yep, missed the end of the season with an ankle injury and wasn’t fit until after our Australia tour.


Were people not talking about him having a falling out with Wenger or did I dream that?


Ah ok then I retract my comment, hopefully he goes on loan and has a nice season.


For what it’s worth. Nantes finished 7th last season whilst Caen was 16th.


Caen launched many great talents, Nantes not.


Then use that argument than and not the relegation thing :wink:.