James Bond

So now that Amazon own the rights to bond how would yours feel about a bond TV show in a similar feel to Jack Ryan?

Tho I would love for bond to go back to a cold war setting just to hard to tell spy stories in the modern world of internet.

Casino Royale book was better than the film. I can see why people love the film but the book was far more engaging and the film is only vaguely faithful to the text.

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Yeah I’m not a Bond fan but that book was good. Dark side to his character which was never really explored by the film.

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Funny tweet about the film. Dont click if you haven’t seen it. I’m looking at you cristo

@The_Invincibles , For Your Eyes Only is proper good I reckon, maybe not a top 3 but a top 10 definitely.

@BigWeng_4LYFE , i think Skyfall is almost a perfect Bond film, let down only by the fact it makes no sense whatsoever. Casino Royale though, i agree, is Craigs best.


Diamonds are Forever @Dr_Strangepass @BigWeng_4LYFE @Persona (even though you’re hardly ever here!)

I don’t get that bit where Sean Connery is about to be cremated but it’s suddenly, almost like it’s edited, cut short. How/why is he rescued part way through the cremation?

The cremation was cut short because he had replaced the real diamonds with fake ones, iirc, so they couldn’t kill him.


Love the first half of Diamonds, the quirkiest of all Bond outings.


The opening sequence where he whips off that woman’s bikini and strangles her with it for information

“Shpeak up, darling, I can’t hear you…”

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He says "I think you need to get something off your chest":joy::joy:


Goldeneye always my #1. Not sure it’s aged that well for the casual viewer (but that could be said for all the older films) but it holds a special place in my heart. The tank scene is just magical. And ofc the motorbike chasing the plane off a cliff was incredible for that era.

Boris, Xenia, Natalya, Alec fucking Travelyan - can remember so many of the characters.

Pierce Brosnan was involved in some shit films in the franchise, but he absolutely nailed who James Bond is to me in Goldeneye. Such a sexy bastard, the one liners, the charm and screen presence.

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I voted Goldfinger because it’s the best Connery film. Voted for The Spy Who Loved Me because it’s just pure unadulterated James Bond. And my third vote was for Goldeneye because it’s also a very good example of what Bond should be.

Goldfinger is brilliant.

“Operation Grand Shlam!”


Sums it up quite nicely.

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I think that the woman who was involved in writing the screenplay (who is also behind the show ‘Fleabag’) is vastly overrated

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Ahhh Phoebe Waller Bridge wrote it? I mean I don’t mind her but yeah Fleabag is not funny whatsoever lol, definitely overrated.


Watched Bond last night, came out a week later in U.S… I’m surprised the reaction was so soft last week, maybe it is a thing about Brits being naturally protective of the Bond franchise. Obviously a reboot is to follow, with a successor to Craig, but things like messing around with “007” and killing Bond are not going to be easy to move on from and reboot from, it is as the movie itself harkens back to the Lazenby / Diana Rigg film, but for me also at times the film was a bit slow paced, .maybe in rhythm.with the Safin character.

The film of course is very relevant to current times. We are beyond the Cold War, and growth of the cyber threat, and are in another level of scary with bioweapons, biowarfare, and a bioterrorism threat.

Finally saw No Time To Die.

Was everything I wanted it to be, what a fantastic movie. Serious Oh Her Majesty’s Secret Service vibes at the start and the end, I guess they did that on purpose. Bond can never have a happy ending.

Ana De Armas was enchanting, loved her nervousness. Lea Seydoux was also incredible - she’s not hot so much as she’s just elegantly beautiful. Both made for great Bond girls though.

Rami Malek the biggest weakness for me though, really didn’t buy him as much of a villain towards the end.

Loved it though, proper send off for Bond.


Knew I was right when I said there were serious OHMSS vibes in No Time To Die.

Watched OHMSS on Monday and then NTTD a second time yesterday in Everyman Chelsea. There’s some real parallels there. Did anyone else feel that as well?

Just came across this article today

Yep a number of parallels. The setting, the score, the surprising deaths.

At least Blofeld wasn’t shamelessly underused in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, though.

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