Jakub Kiwior (15)

I thought we’d already signed him. Didn’t realise it hadn’t been announced yet.

First Pepe, and now Ainsley has lost his number.

Thread created only 3 days ago :smiley:

Love these sniper deals.

Welcome to the club, Jacob. :poland:


He looks so pure. I love him.

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Great hair.

Two nice depth pieces added for a total of less than 50m.


Squad number putting Maitland Niles in the mud.

He is so nervous in his interview…

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Does he not speak English? His background suggests be does. Seems to have been around the world already. Hope he was just more comfortable speaking in Polish.

Wonder if he’ll get games in the Europa League.

Should be getting game time on Friday actually.

Slightly worried he’s a bit shy but we’ve got some good guys in the team that should take him under their wing. Zinchenko I can really see helping him out.


What’s up with clubs celebrating sales?

Why wouldn’t they wish him well?


I’ve just seen the “Good luck”. I thought they pulled a Shakhtar.

Leaving on good terms, suggests he was loved. Never a bad sign that.


I think we might be reading a bit too much into this lads.

It’s GC’s fault.

No it’s @Bl1nk he posted it.

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From his interview:

I’m quick for a centre half. I love passing the ball. I like teams that move the ball and try to create chances that way.

This guy is fucking 1.9m. if he’s genuinely quick and can pass the ball(certainly looks like it from some clips doing the rounds) then we’ve got ourselves a gem.

Not sure if anyone else in here who watches Serie A has seen him before. I’ve heard his name last summer but I can’t remember ever noticing him whenever I saw a game that involved Spezia or Poland in the WC.

Really interested to see him on the field and really on him.