Jack Wilshere


I read some social media post of his saying ‘thanks for the invite’. So possibly no one else was.


In regards to the people that think Jack Wilshere can be a replacement for Ozil ( as much as I like Jack) apart from the durability problems, for all his neat play he doesn’t have goals/ assists in his game.


Arter >>> Wilshere


apparently had a mare

I thought we were kicking off at 19:45 so missed the game lol


He is not shit, but fuck me, he doesn’t release the ball immediately. That’s not what a top player does.


Oh no. You must be gutted.


Yeah he pulled a Alexis


Trending on Twitter, mostly people saying he’s been poor this evening. Yet a few smatterings of tweets saying he was great. :thinking:


I’m starting to think that perhaps Wilshere isn’t the answer to our problems :rofl:

I think, certainly for me anyway, we have an attachment to him as he has grown up with us. I am very defensive of him when opposing fans criticise him and I desperately want him to be good enough. I cling on to that Barcelona performance, but it’s just not going to happen.


Even if he had a shit game so what? Any different from any other players in the squad in that respect?

He’s been very good in practically every game bar that so it’s a non-issue IMO.


on one hand we may actually be too critical, we know what he can do, know what he should do, and get aggy when it doesn’t happen.

On the other, you get paid to deliver. Jack should be playing out of his skin, especially against Europa level teams, if he can’t cut the mustard now, then when will he?

But it’s all moot anyway because it’s Jack. He will always be Mr Arsenal to me and he will also always be the enigma Diaby was, I.e. the ability to be the best or worst player on the pitch. Which given the squad size we have, will always mean he has a place at Arsenal imo, because it’s a risk we absolutely should be taking.


Hard to motivate yourself for arguably the least meaningful competitive game arsenal have ever played under Arsene’s tenure.


Think Wenger’s indifference about the EL has well and truly infected the player’s mentality along with their back up status. Never mind the fact that the established players are suffering from a lack of match sharpness and fitness in some cases

No surprise we’ve seen limp performances similar to the League Cup showings


I think we’ve approached the EL exactly as we should have approached it so far. We’ve fielded young players and fringe players who all need minutes and have been just enough to do the business and qualify. This approach will only help us in the long run. Once we enter the knockout stages and the stakes are higher I think our approach will be different.


Only if you’re a starter that is. Any bench player should be all over this game to make an impression for further minutes.


Well Wilshere probably knows that he’s a starter in all these Europa League games and doesn’t have a look in in the prem and so is taking it more like a training match which this essentially was.


Why would he though if it’s the only first team experience he will get. Surely he wouldn’t take a chance like this as a training match if his aim was to play PL consistently.


Yes, but if he talked it up the backlash would be absurd.


He’s probably still pissed for not getting any minutes in NLD


Diaby did not have the latter ability.