Jack Wilshere


My boy is back. <3


No, it’s @Persona’s :xhaka:


“I’m pleased for him,” Wenger said about Wilshere after the match.

“He will get a chance in the Premier League, don’t worry for that. Games of that intensity will help him a lot.



Definitely feels like the right time to see Jack in a meaningful game.

Which means we almost certainly won’t. :tired_face:


For all his frailties, he’s been involved in great goals for us.

I dont think Wenger will trust him in the #8 in this formation. If he plays, he’s going to be in the front three.

Basically he’s probably going to be Ozil’s replacement.


Would be so irritated if we don’t sign any attacking midfielders or wingers in the summer. Other than the necessity of it those type of players could at least bring some excitement back.


Dont worry we will sign Jack Wilshere. Heard he’s free in the summer.


Hehehe. I guess he’s on his trial right now with us. Making appearances in useless games :wink:.






Good to see Jack back, hope we’d see more of him in PL games.


Don’t mean to be a hater but Jack shouldn’t be rewarding reckless behaviour by a fan


Fuck that, he just made someone’s week!


I think it’s cool he gave him the shirt but the cops are definitely confiscating it as evidence and he’ll never see it again.


“In my head, he’s more a little bit higher up [the field],” said the Gunners boss. “I see him more a player who can affect the game in the final third than a player who is a box-to-box player.

“He’s a little bit in conflict in this position with Ozil and Sanchez.

“I believe he can as well play in midfield in a 4-2-3-1, he can play midfield in a 4-3-3. In the system we play, I see him a bit more advanced.”

Wilshere as Ozil successor confirmed.


Makes sense to keep him in an advanced position in some respects, however it negates a chunk of his quite unique ball carrying ability.

Got a feeling we may be seeing a Ramsey Lacazette Wilshere clusterfuck up front at some point. :smile:


Wenger is unbelievably predictable


Roy wants to take him to Palace (Telegraph)


I wondered how long it’d take for this obvious link to arise.


At the 89 film Premier. Only current player to attend apparently.