Jack Wilshere


Hope he plays well


wish hed fuck off. Myth master.


Thought he was pretty good tonight, with out midfield options as dire as they are it would be just swell if he’d find a resurgence in form.


Looked good.


I think we’ve found our Özil replacement, lads.


Wilshere should be ahead of Xhaka in the pecking order…its very clear to me.


Imagine turning your nose up at giving Wilshere some games when Elneny and Coquelin are your 3rd and 4th choice CM’s :joy:


Good cameo. Could be an option in the middle.


Great seeing Jack back, did well too.


@TheSpecialCnut as I said in MDC I think he should have started…


Against Doncaster yeah. This stories been done to death.


Enjoyed his cameo, he gives us another dimension. His talent is unquestionable. Give him a new contract, watching him play the few games he does is one of the better parts of being an Arsenal fan right now.


So including last night thats 6 games in the last 3 seasons. Ffs mate and thats a highlight of being a Arsenal fan.


He played most of the season at Bournemouth last year, his fitness/stamina should be better because of that.

In 12/13 and 13/14 he started 46 games. I’d rather have half a season a year of Wilshere when the alternatives are Ramsey, Coq, Elneny and Xhaka. When Ozil and Alexis leave Wilshere is the one midfield player who can give us some creativity.




Wengerball will finally be revived this season. The English Cazorla is back.


yep just like Santi never fit. Tomorrow never comes, Always next season though. . .


:thinking: now that he’s just become more involved?


Sounds like the Daily Star is chatting shit like usual; however, I will say that the post he made on Tyrone Mings’ instagram post was pretty passive-aggressive and while he was just having a bit of a laugh, I do think he was being passive-aggressive about his game time.


Wilshere could’ve been starting matches in someone’s first team in Serie A by now if he’d been a bit braver, albeit moving your family abroad must be difficult whether you’re a multimillionaire or not. But still, hard to have sympathy