Jack Wilshere


You’re forgetting the one he already played.





Jack’s had enough long layoffs from terrible tackles to take that kinda shit in an u23s game. Understandably was not pleased. I’m with him on this one.


If he’s fit it’s he should be starting the next game ahead of Ramsey and given a decent run too


Shouldnt be fucking here by the time we play. Lets not be playing this fucking record again.


If Wilshere’s the long term answer then I’m laughing at the question :laughing:


We should’ve sold this guy by now tbh. The thought of him starting wouldn’t be entertained at any other big club.

He has talent for sure, but he’ll never fufill it. That game vs Barcelona is a lifetime away now unfortunately.


Bit random but apparently Jack has been offered to Betis, no idea if thats a quality source or not (probably isn’t).





It’s a newspaper based in Seville, so they probably have decent links to Betis (much like the madrid/Barcelona or Valencia based papers have with their teams). I don’t know much about it’s overall quality though.

Seems like a weird move but he certainly won’t remain here. He won’t get paid as much as he would if he stays in the premier league (assuming there are teams that want him here :joy:)


It’s a pretty shit paper (Sport/MARCA level) but yeah, it’s such a random rumour that there could be some truth to it.


Jack is gonna destroy himself with Sangria.


Only if drops a Sangria bottle on his foot.



Is our saviour back? :thinking:


Who? Steve Bould? He’s getting on a bit now but he could probably still do a job for us at the back.


I mean that man from Stevenage. He is not that far from you :xhaka:


Cameo incoming.


Steve Bould could probably do more minutes this season than Wilshere lol