Jack Wilshere


Not sure jack could hack it living anywhere but sothern England to be honest

He could have gone on loan to AC Milan last year but chose Bournemouth lol


Yep. If he leaves, he’s definitely going to make the mistake of going to West Ham. He should definitely go abroad, he could make it.


The left side of the team would spend more time in the hospital that in the pitch.


Yeah, go to the german Arsenal. It would be perfect for him :hipster:


He’s young, has a young family, cushy life in the leafy suburbs of Hertfordshire. I doubt he wants to uproot everything so he can play in another league and disrupt his lifestyle.

I’ve really got no problem keeping him, I just believe we need to move on as a club for a change and invest in someone, of example, Kovačić, who by my eye looks like for like.


Can’t see teams like Marseille wanting to or being able to afford £90k a week for a guy who hasn’t been able to play more than 29 games in a season for like 3 or 4 seasons. Not to mention he hasn’t done anything noteworthy in the goals or assists department for years either.

I could see him going somewhere like City to sit on their bench at 90k for their homegrown requirements and a luxury player type situation.

Realistically he’ll get a contract extension, due to sentimental reasons, probably on a bit less, and then he’ll accept it because he doesn’t fancy uprooting his life and he probably won’t get a better offer at a better club.


Well if that’s how his career ends up panning out, it’s kinda pathetic on several fronts.

He has the right to make as much money as he possibly can from football but beyond a certain point it IS just greed and basically unnecessary.

And yes when you do pay £1000 every year to part fund it all (albeit an ever diminishing proportion) it gets annoying to have several players sat around costing the club vast sums of money with very little to show for it


I’m still hoping he can keep fit and turn out to be the player we all once hoped for

If it’s true about Cazorla then I’d give Jack a chance in his position. The same sort of player, both with a low centre of gravity and can go past players with ease at times

If he picks up another injury though then I’d say move him on. Spent to long wasting time with players that keep getting injured


Oh yeah, totally agreed. I definitely believe that’s how it’ll go though. We’ll probably give him another contract and then after that he’ll go and see his career out somewhere like Palace or West Ham. He’s never going to achieve greatness, that opportunity has passed. He’ll spend the next few years being a nice depth/rotation option for us but no more. He just can’t stay fit.


Can’t hold him at fault for wanting the money even if that is the reason.

if I could make what he does while doing what he does then you bet your ass I’m doing it. Be a mug not to really, because earning capacity for a typical player tumbles dramatically once they retire in their often eary to mid thirties.

Berate the club for spending it on him and allowing him to stay if that’s the case. Even then Jack is an icon here, allow him ffs.


I understand what you are saying but with his injury record, he might struggle to get a better contract than what he has with us anywhere. So, he is trying to make the best of what he has, until he finds something better. Of course, he could go to China and make a lot more but I guess he wants the best of both worlds, who wouldn’t?

The way I see it, he is doing what is best for him, and the club should do what is best of itself. There is no way this guy will ever be the player we thought he would once be because he just doesn’t have the body for it.


Maybe he’s developed a taste for Chinese cuisine.


I wouldn’t agree with this, he grew up here but has been injured a shit load and has totally failed to deliver on his potential. Nothing iconic about him and I’m past caring about him.

I wish he became what we thought he could but character wise he’s always seemed like a bellend to me, now we pretty much know he won’t become anything special so he’s more than welcome to go.

He couldn’t even make waves at Bournemouth ffs.


Talk of Jack running his contract down and being able to walk away at the end of the season?

Him being able to run or walk at any point in the season is always a 50/50, so I’m not overly concerned.


I poked round a Bournemouth forum a while ago and the general consensus was that Wilshere was pure class, took them up a level etc. However the Bournemouth system was adjusted to fit him in, which resulted in less cohesion etc.

Agreement accross the board that his output wasn’t good enough, simple as, but overall he was one of their highlights of the season.

Plus unless a homegrown club trained player that knows the words to anti tottenham chants pops up, I worry we could be caught between a rock and a hard place, even if we want shot of him.


Why don’t Howe make a bid for him? 15 mil and he can have him.


“Looking forward to a big season ahead”

With The Arsenal, right Jack?




Why the fuck can’t they sort their contract situation first before they start talking about next season.


Yeah, no way in hell is Jack Wilshere an Arsenal icon, that’s being highly generous


Sell him for as much as possible