Jack Wilshere


He’s not going anywhere. He’s staying here forever and ever and ever. :bellerin:

Future manager of Arsenal - Arsene Wenger.


Jack Wilshere has had that Twitter bio all season to be fair, as soon as he went out on loan he removed any reference to us so that’s not really an issue.

It is pretty odd (perhaps even rude!) that he has made no comment about the cup final though - considering he (or whoever does his social media) found time to say happy birthday to his “friend” Cesc bloody Fabregas earlier this month, it’s not too much to ask for him to say “Well done lads” is it?!

I don’t see him fitting in at Arsenal anymore, he can sod off to West Ham with the rest of “not good enough for a top team” crew.


He’s not on loan anymore as is back wearing the #10


Ffs, give that number to Mesut.


Welcome home, Mr Wilshere. :heart_eyes::giroud3:


Not really fussed about him anymore :grimacing: Wish him the best tho and would love for him to go abroad while he still has time and prove once again that talented English players can make it overseas


FFS! Completely forgot about this english prick :hipster:


Ah that English trio of players - who if they accidentally boarded a flight to Magaluf instead of coming to pre season training, no one would notice.

But nah seriously, good to see Jack reasonably happy to be in an Arsenal shirt again.




Has he celebrated our cup with yet though? That’s the real question.


Nope. He did however have Craig David perform at his wedding… which kinda proves he is on something, so we can let him off for not congratulating us.


He can stay if gets another #. Ozil is the real #10. Not the English diaby.:campbell:


Don’t you mention Diaby in that tone boy.



Yeah, Diaby is more hard luck with injuries. Jack relishes the contact, but his body isn’t built to handle it.


Still, Ozil should be #10.


Are we really going to keep him? I can see no place for him here.


I think it will be a difficult sell to him if he has to give up Bergkamp’s shirt to Ozil.


How comes Willock and Hinds can make the move, yet this guy whose stock is still relatively so high is clinging onto a Premier League career that’s so obviously not going to happen


Probably the respective wages they are on.


Can’t really see Wilshere going somewhere like Sassuolo or Villareal to be honest. I’d stick around at Arsenal too.


He must be able to command interest from a higher level than that.

and from Marseille to Besiktas and a dozen clubs inbetween, there are ambitious European clubs who could match Wilshere’s Arsenal wage, fairly convinced of that :slight_smile:

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