Jack Wilshere

You can bin this fucking scenario with your fucking save us Papa Weng shouts earlier in the season laďs.
We are all good here lads.

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Man really wants that contract.


Just sign him for 5 months I don’t give a fuck


Blackout J-Wilsh



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the emojis :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

@Stroller is gonna quit the forum if this happens lol


each time i see this guy dribbling or running he has his ankles turned inwards, wonder if this is one of the reasons he keeps on getting injuries. The way he runs surely that has gotta put strain on the rest of his muscles and he can easily turn his ankles.

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Not a physio so YMMV but I overpronate on my right side so my running stride isn’t exactly elegant. Without decent, supportive running shoes I’ve found I had some ankle, achilles issues and other issues going further up the leg as muscles tried to compensate.

Maybe the lack of supportive cleats (they’re all super lightweight these days) has something to do with aggravating bad running mechanics.

What does this mean?

Your mileage may vary.

Yeah I still don’t get it


It’s just an expression basically saying “take X with a pinch of salt.” So obviously I’m not a physio but I have poor running mechanics like apparently Jack does. I was speculating that bad mechanics might be made worse by lightweight cleats since I leaned on supportive running shoes to help correct running with one ankle turned in.

(Have to ask, if I’d say “your kilometers may vary” would you get it? :chester:)


A like for Chester

No now that I have read it properly I get it. I run. Or I used to anyway.

No we use miles here. It’s just the abbreviation that was weird af.

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This will have some people accepting 5th place :wink:

I can see us signing him on a 18 month pay as you play contract lol

Until end of season if anything. See what he’s got if he gets the minutes here.

Another red card for a midfielder you say?

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Jack rushed from talksport studios after finishing shift at 7 to watch that shit :grin:

you just know he would be on the pitch 30 seconds and out for the rest of the season