Jack Wilshere


Close it and give Mesut your #10. Cheers :+1:


Brutal fan behaviour towards someone whose crime is basically not having strong enough ankles to make it at Arsenal


Or you just throw the book away because its a shit read.


It’s Wenger’s fault obviously.


The signings speak for themselves here, along with AMN signing again, I can’t imagine he’ll be granted 100% playing time.

Best to move on and start fresh elsewhere to rejuvenate his career properly.


Nah. He’s been leaving for two years now. It’s hardly surprising people are fatigued by it and just want to see the inevitable confirmed.


I don’t think it’s harsh to be saying goodbye to Jack. His attitude is questionable and from those within the club I hear they’re not exactly sad that he’s going. My one personal experience of him left me thinking “what a t055er”.




Looks like we’re getting Torreira then.
Who’s next through the out door?


We don’t need him with Torreira.


Arsenal have offered Wilshere £110,000-a-week to stay plus a £65,000 bonus if he plays and the team wins taking him potentially up to £175,000-a-week.

The notion that we are financially restricted us pure fiction.


But how do you explain Wenger being shit?


Easily. He was shit. (Towards the latter years of his tenure).


I think it would still have been cheaper for the club to keep Wilshere because he is already here, than to buy another player, who might have cost 20m or more.

If Wilshere has turned down that sort of money, it will be interesting to see where he goes, because I can’t see any CL club going for him, and are clubs like Everton or West Ham going to fork out more than we offered in wages to him?


Those supposed wages are utter bollox though. 110k basic without playing for a crock like Wilshere plus 65k a week to play, and like he’s turning that down for a supposed better offer at Wolves? Yea right


I cant see those figures as being true at all lol



See ya! I’d like to think the club has moved beyond him a little. We definitely got held hostage a few years ago with Theo’s contract.

Sure, I’m a stupid American who doesn’t know anything about the game so I might not care to see an academy product like Jack leave. But I think the money is better spent on someone else. :henry2:


If we sign Wilshere to a new deal then I can’t see us signing Toreira.

There’s no way a manager who plays 2 midfielders goes into the season with Xhaka, Ramsey, Elneny, Wilshere, AMN and Toreira for those two positions.


I don’t think there’s ever been a more boring transfer saga than this one.


Just take the #10 from him. He’s going. Let it have a rest before it goes to someone who actually deserves it.

Mesut Özil (10) can’t wait :heart_eyes: