Ivan Toney

I don’t think what he said was bad here tbh lol

Lmao no where exciting. Ah other than that accidental destruction of Brentford he was very polite to that dude, as someone who enjoys crypto people who want to talk about it non stop are the worst kind of fucking people. Solid advice on Ethereum though.

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Nah that seems like a normal deflection.
I have seen people do that with some good organizations out there

How annoying would it be if someone just came up to you while you are in your car, starting a conversation you don’t want, film that conversation and put it on social media like this as well.

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Presumably this dude is just out and about approaching people who look wealthy to ask them about crypto?


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Is this guy any good?

He’s not the answer

He has a cool name? Is he Russian?


Ivan tends to be a Russian name.

‘Drago’, ‘…the Terrible’, ‘…ka Trump’



Ohhhhhh I’m a little retarded

I was fucking around, the sight of @BigWeng_4LYFE inspired the troll inside me.
But seriously, when I first heard of the guy I thought he must be part Slavic. Wouldn’t be surprised if he actually is.

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About as mid table as it gets

Nah he’s terrible

Better than Laca

Is Laca still playing for us?

Has he been?

Is that the Lyon guy? Loved him and Remy in FIFA back in the day.

I would take Toney as back up but I’m not sold on him tbh