Ivan Gazidis


Should be him issuing the statement.


Fuckk off Milan, then.


Amazing that people are actually potentially upset/worried about this cunt leaving, more evidence of how oblivious people here are to the deficiency in this club’s running.


he has only just managed to get a modicum of control you absolute twonk. that is like us getting rid of a potentially talented player whilst only getting to see them twice. We dont know what he could do for the club with being at the helm without anyone like wenger causing problems.


Is anyone “upset”?

It’s more bemusement as to why he’d want to step away now after fighting for years to get control.

I don’t think there will be any tears on pillows if he does leave.


I’d imagine it’s the notion of further instability that explains that, rather than too many being particularly big fans of him personally or his work.

That’s not meant as a retort to your view on how he is running the club.


I personally want to see what he can bring to the table, so far without someone like wenger i think he has overseen a big change quite well and i am intrigued to see what he can do. If he sods off now its like ‘who was doing the holding back a bit of everyone was it him was it wenger’ i want to see how good this guy can be before he is binned. Before anyone says well obviously he is shit because of how long wenger stayed etc…it was obvious that wenger undermined him by going straight over his head and he was one of the board members it seems that wanted change.


Even then, weird that incompetence should perturb more than instability. Incompetence comprehends instability in reality.

Even if that’s true about him only now getting a modicum of control–we don’t know if it is or not–that it takes so long to wrestle control/convince those few above him that the control needs to be shifted away from someone as terrible at his job as Wenger, certainly doesn’t speak much for him. And his first major act once, in theory, ‘in control’, certainly doesn’t either…


Yeah, I hear ya


He’s off after the transfer market finishes.


Yeah that is definitely not a very positive response.


This pretty much confirms it. What a bizzare move from him, guess his wife just wanted to go on a massive shopping spree in Milano.


You know what, fuck him tbh.

If he had some bollocks about him, Wenger would have left on the high he did in 2017 after winning the FA Cup and we’d have Thomas Tuchel into his second season as manager.

Maybe no Sven and Raul, (which I will commend him for doing) but still.

No more indecision


What is it such a bizarre move? We don’t know how Elliot management sold this project to him.


So when we look back at Gazidis at Arsenal - what exactly did he do lol


He often told us what we could do, or what we weren’t scared of doing, but apart from that, not much.
Lying to supporters is what he seemed best at.


This is why I don’t get why people seem (a little) bothered with the fact that he is going. It seems we don’t even have an understanding what he exactly did.


Commercial deals was his major part wasn’t it? Post-2008, he spent nigh-on a decade under Wenger’s shadow in regards to transfers. To be fair, he’s dismantled the old and brought in the new regime but the weird thing is, he’s not sticking around to breathe it all in.

It’s not something I think we ought to be entirely worried about mind. Plenty of corporate mercenaries out there ready to jump into the seat.


Don’t really want corporate mercenaries tbh, it’s been a lot of change and a lot of people fill the boardroom that haven’t really cut their mustard here.

Don’t know how blviable this may be but I’d love to have Drinks, or dare I say it, Wenger back in some director role.

Just somebody there to be the moral grounding of the club.

But let’s see. Will probably be Josh.


Last-man standing big Gaz. Get us a winger and then you can leave.