Ivan Gazidis



Looks like he’s starting his new job in September


Well The Sun and The Mirror haven’t reported it so it’s definitely not happening.


What’s moley saying about Gazzers @Arsenal4thetreble


Quiet as a mouse.


I like what he said regarding Ozil - props for that.


What did he say?


I think there is the video in the Ozil thread.




That’s how American ownership groups work. Keep going until you find something that works or just keep rowing until you can poach the guy you want ala the Chicago Cubs with Joe Madden.


Go Cubs Go!!!


It’s not just how American ownership groups work.

Liverpool also just got ‘lucky’ that Klopp wanted the job tbh. I’m sure he could have ended up Bayern or any other English rich club. Don’t see the fit of Klopp in Spain or Italy.



Just like to say been following this for several weeks now and I still find anything about this story that I give a fuck about…

I keep you guys posted for next week.


Is this a saga yet?


He may be a bald cunt, but he is our bald cunt STAY Gazidis ! !


But what if you prefer hairy cunts :giroud:


With greek heritage im sure hes got plenty of hair :henry2:


Your French…

Growlers should not have a beard. Still I’ve done many a hairy one in my time so who am I to judge.

When in Rome…





This is fucking weird and also quite difficult to get in any way worried about. It’s not like Gazidis has overseen some kind of footballing dynasty in his time at the club. He’s done alright for what his role is supposed to be and he may well leave a good legacy in terms of the management team he’s assembled but I’m not going to lose any sleep if he leaves.

I wonder if his departure says something about the way this transition from Wenger has gone in his eyes. I think he foresaw himself as the unchallenged supreme leader at Arsenal with Arsene out of the way, and we know he campaigned hard for Arteta as his man to be head coach. I wonder if he found he wasn’t in a position to lead in the way he’d wanted.