Ivan Fresneda

They’re too busy with Caicedo.

Not moving this window it seems.

Another good news for Real Valladolid: it seems that Fresneda is not going to appear in this market. The transfer is postponed, except for a last-minute surprise.

So Dortmund got everything sorted while we got distracted with a midfielder.

Unfortunately for them, the midfielder we wanted has the same agents as Fresneda so…

Anyway, since he was gonna be loaned back anyway, it makes sense not to rush into any decision. Reckon we’ll keep an eye out for him and revisit this in the summer if he continues impressing.


So basically the same two clubs will bid again in summer until Madrid swoop in and actually sign him.

Chelsea just signed a RB so we should be good on that front at least.


This morning’s headlines range from “He’s joining Arsenal” to “He’s staying where he is”
Let’s give this one a solid 50% chance of happening sometime between today and September.

I hope that’s not clarified anything.

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Agent still trying to get a couple of clubs to be in a bidding war so his client can get a big pay rise at his current club. It’s failed so far.

City? :shushing_face: