Ivan Fresneda

No thanks. Invest in Norton-Cuffy

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All the shitty ITK and randos jumping on this now saying we’re close.

Since it’s good news I choose to believe them.

Reminds me a bit of Pino from last summer.
Could be Valladolid trying ot cash in on him.

Buying an 18-year-old RB would be an odd use of resources in the current moment. Depends on the fee I guess.

If we do buy him, it doesn’t bode well for Norton-Cuffy’s future at the club. I also wonder whether Arteta might see Tomi as part backup RB, part backup CB going forward.

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problem is cuffy is still on loan they are getting rid of cedric and tomi although great cannot be 100% relied upon. Maybe they feel a little short there…suppose White can play there but maybe they want him back central.

Depends on the opponent I guess. For me long-term Tomiyasu was always gonna be a versatile squad player.

If Cedric goes then we’re down to 7 players for 4 positions at the back. An additional full back allows White and Tomiyasu to fill as CB if needed.

Fresneda is very much another interior type fullback btw so I think he’ll even present an option from the left, which could be useful seeing the form Tierney is in.

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The right back position is an important one for any team, as it involves both defensive and offensive responsibilities. A good right back can provide cover for the central defenders and also overlap on the wing to provide width in attack.

One of the main reasons why Arsenal may need cover in the right back position is that it can be a demanding position that requires a high level of fitness and endurance. With a busy schedule of league, cup and European matches, it is important for a team to have a strong squad with players who can rotate in and out of the lineup without a drop in performance.

I’ve seen a few clips of him on YouTube. He’s the mustard

He looks like a young Mads Mikkelsen

He doesn’t look young

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He’s a fucking child.


tier 1 stuff that is…amazing content


Just can’t see how he doesn’t end up at Madrid.

He’s one of the top RB prospects around.
Madrid were impressed by him when they played Valladolid.
Madrid are desperate to find a new RB.
He’s a Madridista.

Surely that’s where he ends up…

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Who dat?

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How long before we’re fighting Chelsea again but with this player?

Baffling transfer.

Because of BNC?
This guy is 18 years old and is currently performing very well in La Liga, facing top forwards, getting attention from all big clubs and suits the inverted fullback role very well.

Makes a lot of sense to me.

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Largely because of BNC and we already have two top quality right backs in White and Tomiyasu. Neither are close to retirement.