Ivan Fresneda

We do, if Cedric goes then White and Tomiyasu should be counted as our only RBs, correct?

In which case, how many CBs do we have?
Saliba, Gabriel and Holding.

You need another player in there. You either get another CB to fill the gap or get a fullback to allow White or Tomiyasu to fill in at CB if needed.

Also, considering his qualities as a fullback, Fresneda could play as a left back too, and seeing Tierney’s form, that wouldn’t be too bad

Norton Cuffy is a Championship level defender at least. He is fine as the back up to the back up. Is this kid going to come here to play 20 games a season. If Tierney is moved on in the summer then this move makes a bit more sense.

What if tomiyasu moves to the left and we sell Tierney next season?

Can he play right wing?

I heard he has played as a winger midfielder and a right back

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Nice, can be a cheeky little twofer for us - no need for Mudryk then

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Arsenal might need to start moving in silence because if it happens again…


Wouldn’t mind a more dynamic alternative to White. Tomi can’t still be useful all across the backline

Arsenal should fake pump all the players we have a sell-on clause in.

Go bid 80m on Guendouzi, see if Todd bites.

All depends on Cedric leaving, isn’t it? He should hurry up and go.

I wonder what Tom Ligament has to say about this transfer

I hope nothing. He’s playing for the league leaders in the PL(that was his dream) and is still an important player.

He has the type of versatility that means he’s always handy and will get a fair amount of game time throughout the season regardless.

He’s the type of cover we should have as a top club, not Lokonga, Elneny and Holding.

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Personally I care more about:


wonder if we are still looking at this guy…or if we ever really did

All depends on Cedric.

I’ve seen faint rumours about us signing for next season. Certainly one to follow. Probably the hottest RB in the market alongside Porro.

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Fuck it let’s steal Porro from them as well, if you can’t beat them join them

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All I’ll say.
Chelsea are in London too and they want a RB.
You’ve been warned.

Fabrizio confirmed our interest in him. Did highlight there are many clubs after him though.

Would be a steal to get him while we already have two great RB options but, the game’s the game.