Ivan Fresneda

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Let’s be honest, no cunt knows apart from the player :joy:


*Player’s agent

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of players out there that just go and play where they’re told by their agent lol

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Yep, Mendes sent Felix to Atleti and the mad man wanted to get him to Villa next.

Is anyone else getting really bad vibes about this guy and his agent?

There are a few things but the clause he has with his current club nailed it for me. It just screams “agent drives a hard deal that has the potential to cripple the club”. I appreciate that agents can drive hard deals but that clause feels like opportunistic bullying.

I hope that he chooses Dortmund. I don’t think he or his agent want anything but a big pay day.


Think we’ll lose the race here.

It’s not Fabrizio’s first language so I might be misinterpreting it. But it sounds like Dortmund are the closest to the deal but the lad hasn’t made a decision.
Might be waiting for us, which is a good thing.
Last time a similar situation happened our lad got on a fucking jet with the other seller the same day.

why are people still listening to these twats when they have shown so many times they know nothing


It’s the rumour mill, keeps the chatter going. 90-95% of the stuff being reported doesn’t coincide with a move but people still bite.
There’s a reason Fabrizio became so popular. Transfer rumours sell.

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I practically wouldn’t know a thing Romano says if not for GC :grin: :+1:


Tbh Fabrizio is actually genuine. Go back and look at the threads of players we have signed recently and Fabrizio was reporting on all of them.

I agree with your sentiments in regard to general wannabe ITK twitter cunts but think Fabrizio is pretty legit.

They’ve all had misses. Let’s be honest. Fabrizio, Ornstein, probably Di Marzio too if we paid closer attention, they all got something wrong, will continue to do so in the future.

Fabrizio said Danjuma going to Everton was a done deal, well it really wasn’t. Shit happens.

Anyone who subscribes to transfer rumours should be prepared to see a lot of shit floating around, a very low percentage of it resulting to actual moves. There’s lots of chaos going on, which in my opinion is what draws people in.

It’s not for everyone though.
You can avoid it by just waiting for a club announcement. However, we’ve even seen announcements go wrong before. :rofl:

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I haven’t seen much of this kid but I really hope it happens and Cedric moves out in the next week.

Local Spanish saying he’s signing for Dortmund.

We never bid.

The discomfort:


To be fair stepping stone fc makes a lot of sense for the career trajectory he probably wants.


Dortmund also can point to the Haaland deal. It was obvious when he signed that it was a stepping stone to a big move. The club were perfectly happy to have him there on a short term basis and sell him on.

While I seriously doubt Arsenal would block a 20 year old Fresneda from moving to Madrid, they’d almost certainly be in a better position to demand a higher fee than Dortmund.

We’ll make our first offer in the coming hours.

With the Elneny news, I wonder if that played a part in the delay of this move. Luxury right-back you won’t have access to till the summer or urgent Partey cover.