I didn’t set out to create this thread, and that’s why I’ll be kicking it off with a fairly trivial article about someone from Hollywood being interviewed on a podcast, rather than something a bit more weighty and worthy, which is what the topic probably merits.

I was going to post it in the General News Thread, but considered it and thought that this is a big enough geopolitical issue that it warrants its own thread. Even if it doesn’t attract much attention to begin with of the back of this article, I’m sure in coming years this’ll grow to eventually be a thread that gets used and will keep the general news thread clear for more fleeting issues that don’t need their own thread.

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More than 700,000 Palestinians were driven out of their homes or fled fighting in the 1948 war that led to Israel’s creation. Today, those families and their descendants make up around 5.6 million refugees.

This quote is misrepresentation.
Israel was created prior to the war. Arabs waged a war and lost the land. Everything that follows falls solely on Arabs for starting the war.

Human rights issues yes, but people tend to forget how poorly the world treated Jews to the point where they needed to have their own place.


I’m not so sure about that.


No it was not the was the belfour treaty of 1917 that promised land to those of the Jewish faith. But there were people living there


Europe did pogroms and genocides on Jews and then had a bit of conquered land outside Europe and said, ‘you can all live here’.

Very nice and convenient for them. Ironically many people that hate Jews the most tend to be most pro Israel.

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I’m sure this thread will proceed in an orderly, intellectual and well considered way.


Even so, Palestine had two seperate state which would have remained Palestinian if not for the war.

It was a demand from the Jews that they would get to return to their homeland. Judaism came way before Islam and Christianity. Judaism had two temples destroyed in Jerusalem long before a Mosque was raised.

Is it really a big ask to provide <3% of Middle east to Jews?

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Better than it being an already established thread like The General News thread, was my thinking. Makes it easier for people to stay away from the dumpster fire if they don’t like the smell it’s giving off :grin:

Very easy to think that way when it’s not your land that’s being given up.

But most Jews in Israel are descended from Europe. That’s like me going to Africa kicking some guy out of his home and saying my people used to live here

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Very easy to think that way when it is their own land that is given back to them.

Also Israel was not Arab land, it was British & France conquered land.

Should give the US back the Native Americans then, and have every Caucasian American in an Uber dense open air prison.

Also, own land, based on those same religious texts you disagree with…

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Ofcourse they will be when you keep getting expelled from wherever you go

So I can’t go back to my old home kick the occupants out because my dad use to live there

This topic in particular is a blend of issues relating to religion, ideology and geopolitics. I rarely find people who are capable of discussing it with maturity or objectively.

Tons of bias, delusion, bad history and propaganda on both sides. I tend to avoid this topic all together online and IRL


Same here to many pitfalls and emotions

Yeah tbh I’ve said my piece and I won’t be posting much about it either, I don’t think people can help getting emotional, it’s a pretty emotive topic.

All it does is get me angry so I’m gonna avoid this too.

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Oh I wasn’t questioning your choice at all.

Perhaps we should have a sweepstake in the mods area on how long it will take for this thread to get its first closure.


I understand if you get angry at current treatment of Palestinians.
Do you get angry at prospect of Jews having a homeland near Jerusalem?