If you were Arsenal manager

What lineup would you pick? And how would you propose we play?

Just to be clear; selections to be made from this season’s squad.

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Chambers Sok Luiz Tierney
----------Guen Xhaka Tor
--------------Pepe Auba

4 3 1 2

Would play exactly how we did against Liverpool this season.

Sit deep. Low possession. Counter only. Concede space on the wingers, compact, look to hit front line and channels at any given opportunity.

Yes this is Brexit FC tactics, but this squad is incapable of playing any other way.

Genuinely believe our performance at Anfield was great, well first half anyway. We should have been leading at HT.
It’s honestly the last time we played with a gameplan.


I’d just call them all cunts and take my fucking pay off when they sacked me.


I hand in my p45 and get the hell out of there. As this club is in serious trouble
Bellerin Chambers Holding Tierney
Willock Guendouzi, ???
Auba, Martinelli, Pepe

i’d put their displays on a pen drive…each time they do something wrong, curse them out tell them they are sacks of shit and threaten to kick them in the bollocks if they do it again.

We need some kind of fucking identity. Counter attacking on a high wage bill is a good enough one for me.

                          Bellerin Sokratis Luiz Tierney
                                    Terrier Ceballos
                                Pepe Aubameyang Martinelli

And a bottomless chest in January, plus a clause to BTFO me out the door for Don Massi.

Hector chambers holding Tierney
Guen. Dani

Pepe. Martinelli


I’d propose

Bellerin Nketiah Saka Tierney
Pepe Ozil Nelson
Auba Laca Martinelli

Our defence ain’t doing shit (neither is our attack tbf)

Bellerin Holding Papa Tierney
  Gonzo Özil Ceballos
    Pepe Laca Auba

But I got there by eliminating who I wouldn’t play until I had these left tho :sweat_smile: I would make sure Luiz and Martinelli were on the bench though, they could also be in there I guess. Tbh might even try Chambers in defensive midfield as well, can’t see how it could get worse lol

The only 4 players I’m certain about in this moment is Leno, Gonzo, Laca and Auba.


This team cant play 433

my team our our team in general lol what do you mean. I mean we can’t play football in general, this is a hypothetical to begin with.

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;…Ladies and gentleman, Arsenal will be playing 4-3-fucking-3.


Leno, Leno, Leno, Leno
Leno, Leno, Leno, Leno, Leno


we wouldn’t even win with 12 men atm tbh :weary:

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We’d win with Benson & Hedges in the side.

What insight

  1. I’d play my striker as a striker and not as a shit winger

  2. I’d play my finished no.10 (who is still one of the few who can pass the ball to one of his teammates) in a position that would make use of what little ability he has left. Not left wing.

  3. I’d play actual wingers on the wing


I’m here to get rich quick, not provide insights!

I’d play a 3-2-3-2 line up and make sure everyone knows where they should be at all times. If they are to stupid to understand then they won’t be staying at the club.