If you were a billionaire

What would you do?

So let’s assume you’ve bought anything you want (cars, houses, jets, yachts) and you still have billions left over. What would you do?

I’m a liberal, left leaning, soft cunt. Homelessness is the biggest problem facing Ireland in the here and now. If I had billions I would do everything in my power to solve it. The government could do it, but they dont. I would if I could.


I would enter into venture capital.
Promoting new businesses leads to more jobs which leads to less homelessness or poverty in general. Thereby solving every world issue.

And I get to make money as well.

And to serve as a good role model, I will not do any charity. I will rather pay full taxes.

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I do get it. I live in a country of 5m, on an island of 7m. Couple of billion goes a long long way here and it just can’t in the same way in India.even Bezos money doesn’t necessarily solve stuff there the way it would here.

So here is the but…place like here, 99% of people have no say in paying tax. It’s gone before they had it. The 1% are cunts. I totally get not wanting to be a cunt. Would be my number one concern as an elite.

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I would open a place for people to sober up from drugs and alcohol before they get assessed by the mental health teams and take the pressure off the police and mental health teams.

Also would open house blocks for mental health patients so hospital arnt bed blocked by homeless patients.

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How many billions? Enough for a hostile takeover of Arsenal FC? :slight_smile:


Arsenal is worth what £1.2b? How about £1.2b and £1 just to be cheeky.


I just don’t trust people with money, especially if it is more money than they need or can manage.

However I read up on Homelessness in Ireland and it totally seems like it can be rectified by influx of money in housing market.


The theory of trickle down economics is foundamentally flawed

Maybe so but it is lot better than handouts.

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This game doesn’t have rules.

Fair point, I think I’d be in the middle of yourself and @shamrockgooner and have none profit ventures that provided housing and a living wage to it’s employees. Maybe with a system to favour people living in poverty to have that opportunity. The issue would be many people in this situation live dysfunctional lives and would be difficult to manage.

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It’s quite Irish/European centric but I think you might enjoy the David McWilliams podcast. He’s an economist who thinks a little differently and has been saying for years exactly what you’ve said there.

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Thanks, Will look it up.

This is my biggest concern when it comes to giving them money. It eventually lands into activities that eroded their life.

Strippers and cocaine, no? I thought that’s what everyone would do if they had billions!


Slightly more selfish, but if I had enough I’d buy juventus and do just enough to keep them midtable, then similar with manutd just get them relegated.


I would go do something like Drogba and Akon did in Africa, create an infrustructure from scratch so that suffering people have access to clean water and the basics necessities.


I’d probably bum around and shit post online.


Slippers and a cane?

That’s right up my street, me auld son.


There is medical condition that affects someone close to me that I’d pump a shit load of money into researching, seeing as nobody is really funding it. That would be my “selfish” good deed.

I think I’d buy Southend United and invest a shitload to get them back in the football league and then hopefully swiftly up the divisions. Fuck any other small club that tries to stand in my way. Don’t think I’d touch Arsenal with a bargepole, even as a carefree billionaire I’d rather not have Arsenal twitter on my case. Going for a vastly smaller club I have a fledgling connection to seems much more my speed. The lower starting point means it would be far easier to get to a point where I’m considered an absolutely bloody legend for what I’ve done for the club.

I’d pay off all family debts, mortgages etc. Offer to buy better houses for anyone who wanted one.

And like @shamrockgooner I’d like to do something big to help with homelessness, as that’s one of the causes I care most about.

I’d probably then invest anything left into pioneering research into new drugs that are totally harmless and non-addictive. If there’s nobody out there researching this then there soon will be when they see what I’m paying.


I would become a hermit and just play on my ps4 all day everyday with the curtains closed, leave the house once every so often