If You Could

…go back to any season and add a maximum of 3 players (keep it realistic, so no Messi etc) to the squad for that year, who would you choose?

Please give reasons, what you think they would add etc, what we might have been lacking, and what you feel the difference they would’ve made for that particular season.

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In before @Aussiegooner I’m going back to 2014 and adding Klopp instead of players. :grin:


07/08. Centre back, creative player and competition for Adebayor. The meltdown and injuries of Gallas, Rosicky and Eduardo (which led to them using Bendtner way to much) cost Arsenal the title. They needed more depth in those area’s.


The season we only bought Cech

Add two or three players and we pip the title

Gutting that season…


Nice topic.

I’d go to 2007-2008.

I’d have bought a CB with more mental stability than Gallas and a striker to fill the Eduardo void after that injury.

I’ll never be convinced we wouldn’t have won that title if it wasn’t for that 10 minutes at St. Andrews.

Edit: bugger you beat me to it @SDGooner haha!


You’d have to sack Wenger for three players being the difference.

3 players of first team quality added to that 07/08 squad could have set up a mini-dynasty of quality football for a few years. Maybe Nasri or van Persie decide it’s not worth leaving and the dismantling of that team and replacing it with trash doesn’t happen so quickly.


I’d go back to the summer of 2013 and sign one player.

Luis Suarez if we sign him we win the league

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Worth it not to have signed him.

I wish we’d kept Serge Gnabry rather than signed new players although by now I’d probably be sick of people calling him a cunt and asking when the manager was going to accept he’ll never be good enough.

Everything goes back to 07-08 for me.

I woud have sold Bendtner & Persie before 06 so we wouldn’t have wasted time on them.
We would have won 07/08 as a result of having a stable striker/s alongside Adebayor.

So that’s one striker for sure.

I would have pushed for Alonso or some midfielder to play alongwith or in place of Fabregas. Would have sold Rosicky as much as I loved him.

I would have moved Sagna to middle and bought a new right back.

Craigie is right, winning 07-08 would have been crucial for 4-5 years. We missed a big opportunity there.

What is not to be undersestimated is that winning a title that year leads to Wenger not losing his believe in his 4-4-2 and keep faith in his own principles. That is why that season is so much more important than 15/16 imo.

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I’d replace flippin Wenger in that season after January.



We add Marcos Senna, Raul Albiol and a goalkeeper like Coupet and we are a top quality team.


Add Gonzalo Higuain or Luis Suarez on top of Mesut Ozil and also sign another CM and we’re champions in one of the following 2-3 seasons.


I don’t think Wenger was the problem at that point in time. That came 4 or 5 years later imo.

2009-2010 season

Arsenal was flying averaging 3 goals a game by November but then injury struck. RvP got injured on international duty (out until April) and Arsenal ended up playing Arshavin upfront for several games. Eduardo and Bendtner had their own period leading the line too.

The screenshot below is from March ffs. Sadly, Almunia happened the very next game.

Goalkeeper and a central defender would be number one and number two on my list. Centre-forward would be number three.


It felt like RVP was always getting injured on international duty around that time :frowning:

Bendtner actually managed something like 7 goals in 10 games in that period but it was really our defence and goalkeeping that let us down.

We used to get goals from every position back then so our striker being out was something we could just about manage with.

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6 in 23 PL appearances that season leads me to believe that a striker was a huge problem for us haha. We lost RVP and just had no real focal point.


What do you think of Senna and Albiol circa 07/08 @AbouCuellar

Loved Senna and thought Albiol would be a top CB lol

I’m not sure if I’d love Senna as much as I loved him then if the current me was watching him though.

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