If you could change one thing about Football

Quite simple really, if you had complete control of Football, what’s the one thing you’d want to change or introduce to the sport? It can be absolutely anything no matter how big or small the idea is.

Open to serious and not so serious suggestions :smiley: Let’s get the ball rolling.

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Being allowed to come back on after you’ve been subbed

The stupid transfer fees and wages, sugar daddy owners. The sport was a lot better in the late 90s when I started following it.


The retrospective action rule. I don’t care if the referee says he “saw” it – If it was basically an assault and the ref only gave a yellow then he clearly didn’t “see” it and the FA should be able to intervene.

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How did I know this was a @mysty thread before I opened it haha

Citing commissioners and proper fucking bans. Would cut so much bollocks out of the game.

I dunno what i would rather change more (literally 50/50) i would either want a cap on wages and transfers in each window, that or having refs being held accountable for bad calls even if it meant fines or being dropped they get away with far too much and it would stop some of this blatant bias certain refs have for or against certain teams.

I’d reduce the range for penalty fouls, maybe 10 or 11 yards in a circular area since it would be impossible to take a free kick within that range.

18 yards is an arbitrary distance for a 90% free goal, and where the area is rectangular theres those bits at the corner that are more like 20 yards away but still give penalties.

I think penalties on the whole are a shit thing, but also hate that what would otherwise be legitimate free kicks are not given because they happen to be in the box and a ref doesn’t have the balls to give a penalty. So a team may actually suffer from being fouled inside rather than outside the box.


Realistic ticket pricing and 10% safe standing allocated at every Premier League ground

It’s very unrealistic in a modern society but every club should adopt the Athletic Bilbao model

Is 10% your ideal amount or are you approaching the question in a realistic fashion?

The Bilbao model is nothing to be proud of tbh.

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It’s a completely arbitrary figure I plucked out of thin air, however I wouldn’t like to see a target any <10% as I think the appetite is there for it and it is virtually essential in improving the atmosphere at a typical Premier League match. Might be hard to go too far north of 10% either tho, lots of opposition still on safety and logistical grounds, as well as the fact that many people do just want to sit at football matches now

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Bans/Retrospective bans for diving an play acting diving ie neymar at the World Cup

Scrap the January transfer window and just have the summer window. Would give the youth player more chance of playing first team football when first team players are injured.

Take the money and the mega rich owners the fuck out of it.

Maximum transfer fee, agent fee and wage limit caps. Enforce this by 100-1000% tax on any amount over or something

Get these sheikh cunts out the sport.


Ken Bates destroyed football when he sold Chelsea to Arthur Wankabitch. There were 4-5 teams all on the same level until he sold out . Sadly this led to the end of a working mans game .


That’s just not true. The Premier League was pretty much dominated by Manchester United whilst we were involved for a bit.

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Need to re examine the Bosman rule.Its effect on european football has had seismic damage on leagues everywhere and given players to much power.

Referees should be calling fouls (and booking players) for intention to foul.

So many times you see a player deliberately trying to foul but not making contact with the ball or player. The referee should treat these intentions as if the player actually suffered a collision.

Square Ball or big bouncy pilates sized ball…