If OA Members were football players


@Luca_from_Italy = Paolo Di Canio. Hot headed with moments of brilliance.


Funnily enough Ray was in the George on Sunday it was selfie city !
He was at a mates 50th a while back too but Ive only spoken to him twice b4 and I cant tell u about one of those meetings but the last was over a weekend in SIngapore where he came for the Cricket Club 5 a side a few years back !


and a great facist salute !


Oh babe :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I fucking love him! Good call :smile:


Id be Paul Merson talented waster with a penchant for class A’s and Beer and often known to talk complete and utter bollocks which he can’t back up with any sensible rationale !


Gordan Banks


^ id like to think theres a bit of Paul in all of us.


Lengooner is Kaiser Franz. The elder Statesman.


Suppose Theo suits me best.

Been around for years, turn up occasionally but most of the time people forget I’m here.

Also, I can’t run as fast as I used to be able to- not that I’ve really tried recently.


@Mysty is definitely Koscielny, he keeps the defence (OA) strong and makes others play better, always consistent and a leader :slight_smile:


You smooth son of a bitch Luke. Thanks man! Very kind :blush:


you’re like a dad to me, haha only messing


[quote=“LukeTheGooner, post:53, topic:1164”]
you’re like a dad to me,

Have I suddenly aged a further 10 years? :gabriel: This suddenly turned weird. Luke is definately back on OA.


not sure how old you are


[quote=“LukeTheGooner, post:55, topic:1164, full:true”]
not sure how old you are
[/quote]I’m 29 mate :poldi: I know I’m close to the dreaded 30s, but let me keep my innocence of youth for a bit longer yeah :gunnersaurus:


could have said you was Wenger instead :slight_smile: