If OA Members were football players

I remember this thread from the old OA and I thought it was hilarious. I’ll start it off…

@Luca_from_Italy = Xhaka. Everyone loves him because he’s pinging those likes all over the yard but he’s a tad naive and immature getting sent off from mdc all the time.

@mysty = Santi Cazorla. He’s the maestro that keeps OA ticking, and without him we’d be a lot shittier.

@Craigie = Koscielny. Does all the work and goes unnoticed because its not the glamour position, but quietely he’s the best in the league.

@GunnerGirl = Oxlade-Chamberlain, cause she’s got all that world class talent…

@JakeyBoy = Sanchez. Mostly because he’s such a little pit bull especially when it comes to being a PC bro, and he always comes up with the goods, likes = goals and assists.

Lol that’s it for me I’ll try to think of more. Slow day at work :iwobi:

Oh almost forgot!

@SRCJJ = Ibra. Could it be more obvious? He’s such a cunt but he’s good at what he does. Got to give him credit. Although he does have a big opinion of himself :grinning:


@Arsenal4thetreble= Ramsey.

Overrated poster. Enough said :coq: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


@AbouCuellar is Cech? Because the only way to account for some of the shit he says is a serious head injury.

No seriously he is abou diaby, obviously.


But my hair game is on point!!

Ox :thinking:

@AbouCuellar is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He changes (changed) opinions like Zlatan changes clubs.

From @ArsèneCuellar to @AbouCuellar (anti AW) like him:

From Inter Milan to AC Milan:


I think he’s complementing you :wink:

@Maxi_Gooner is Buffon. Passionate, intelligent and articulate. Cool even when everybody else seems to be on the brink of losing their minds.


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Love the fact I’ve been compared to Santi, thanks man :blush:


@Luca_from_Italy - Carl Jenkinson.

Shit, but passionate and eager to please. Needs to be sold to a smaller club.



@Drayton is definitely Ray Parlour. Cult legend who was certainly fond of a drink or two back in the day and sure knows how tell a cracking anecdote about his glory days :grin:

@BigWeng_4LYFE kudos to you for that post to kick the thread off :ok_hand:


Not that he really posts anymore, but @Naweed or Nawz as he was better known, would be Ryo Miyaichi :laughing:

@Cristo would clearly be a certain Lord Bendtner. But seeing as Cristo is actually a nice guy, he’s more of a Lukas Podolski kinda guy.

@Calum is of course Mr Ozil. Always assisting and contributing the place :slight_smile:


@Leper - Mathieu Flamini

Shies away from real contribution, loves to shit on his colleagues with forceful hand gestures/posts, and loves himself a hammer/eliminator.


Although I have the lovely hair I’m short at 5’7 but stocky. I’m more of an ox type build. But would prefer a defensive role as I like getting my tackles in.

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I remember years ago on OA, I used to ask @Naweed for shampoo and conditioner advice lol. Back when I had longer hair before I went back to my traditional skin fade lol

Gave me some magnificent advice though.

If Propa Nutcase were still here, he’d clearly be Vinny Jones :smirk:

@Oliver would be Giroud. For his love of a big bushy beard, tattoos and an eye for the ladies.


I’ll definitely take Podolski!! :grin:

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@Cristo = Özil. He seems like he doesn’t care much but when he shows up he puts in a masterful performance.

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@Trion = Joey Barton. Always seems to land himself in trouble and can’t seem to keep his mouth shut :cristo: