If OA Members were football players


@I2004 = Charlie Adam. Pretty self explanatory.



That actually made me laugh, Curt.


@morrisc311 is Alexi Lalas because USA! USA! USA!


I’ll take it. Better than Freddy Adu.


A4TT as Roberto Firmino becuase I just KNOW he has a shit haircut.


Or Gideon Zelalem. I don’t even care if I’ve spelled that right. :slight_smile:


Do you have a better hairstyle than Rambo? :ramsey:


Oh c’mon! :expressionless: It’s easy :wink:


Good joke mate. I take it without any problem. Just don’t sell me to Glory Glory :coq:


Lol I always thought his hair style was cool.


Haven’t said Ox is a world class talent in a while tho.


So are you saying you’ve seen the error of your ways?


If @Arsenal4thetreble were a football player it would be Robbie Savage. Basically because he loves a good wind up and cause mischief often :henry2:


You forgot to mention another important similarity: he was never that good. :wink:


@Aussiegooner = Mourinho. Obviously he’s always deploying negative tactics.


I’m less deluded :wink:


He’s still got the talent imo.


Just like the Ox, I’m not sure we’re ever going to see GG reveal her World class talent…

:henry2: :giroud:


Ibra was always going to look best in red and black. Incredible player, fucking miss him.


You must be Sanogo then, because if you carry on what you’re currently doing you’re never going to score :poldi: