I want a new job

I would have been at the co op for 3 years in March, it’s just starting to get a bit repetitive and not that great anymore now, but I really like the hours and schedules I get, honestly just want to find something different and that’s not so people oriented, both colleagues and customers, I like the people I work with but would prefer to be on my own (always been like that) It’s just annoying to have to start looking for jobs again and doing interviews but I want to find something new for 2020

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Arsenal got a vacancy.


your not gonna find it here luke :pires1:


What kind of things do you enjoy doing?

being outside and walking, not stuck in one place

Have you considered something like dog walking maybe?

Or something in like a national trust park or national park? Like a park ranger?

well I wanted to be a power ranger when I was younger, if that counts

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Postman then. Sorted.

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thought about that in the past but I don’t drive

use a bike ?


You don’t have to. Postman Pat not to be taken literally.

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Policeman officer?

A prostitute?

already do that on the side

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Are you still changing your toothbrush every 6 months Luke?

How about dentistry?

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U could learn to code an sit at home all day making ur own apps.

Become a YouTuber luketheGonner rants it be far more successful then AFTV.

Learn to drive then do ur heavy goods licence then you just only have to interact with people when loading an unloading the goods.

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tbh I don’t have a set time anymore

Run for PM mate. I’d take you.

The OA Party will grab all the seats and then we got you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Feel kind of the same, can only really enjoy a job for 6 months-a year and after it just wears off