Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


It’s sacrilege. Can’t wait to see him out the door in summer.


Merte’s number. :santi:



Some past greats have worn the 4 haha


Very harsh, but true. He is the definition of a brainless footballer.


Harsh on decapitated poultry maybe.


The identity is becoming pretty clear imo.

A major thing is relying on FB s for attacking moves as @SDGooner said.

The recent diamond works with that because we got the bodies up the park.

But the 5-3-2 is a small dick cowardly horrible utilisation of that mentality that just leaves a bunch of mistake-prone clowns at the back.

I wish Emery could get over his cowardliness, and play a diamond, even with the shite we got in defence. It’s still better than a back 3/5


The only reason I’d be hesitant about the diamond as a consistent formation is that we’d have to use both strikers and I don’t think that’s a good strategy when we basically don’t have a third option. To be fair though, when we’ve played a back three he’s still used both of them at times so it’s not like it’d be different in that sense.

I really just think we need to go either to a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3, even if the players we have aren’t perfect for it. They’re not perfect for anything so we need to maximize our attacking output because that’s where the talent is, whilst also not constantly using both Laca and Auba.


seen 86 unread posts in Liverpool thread and wondered wtf happened in the 10 minutes I left OA :arteta:

Then I seen mysty done a madness haha


Valuable seconds now have to be wasted marking as read. :xhaka:


Paul merson made a good point on sky sports news. If the board are only going to release 45m then they will have to reduce ticket prices. Top gate fees demands top players and you get nothing for 45m
Can you also add paul Davis to your list of great #4s


Problem is they won’t reduce anything as they’ll keep selling the tickets at the prices they currently are.


The game was probably our worst this season, but as the season gets close to the end, we just need to pick up points.


Reckon it was worse than the Cardiff City at home win the other week ? Both pretty deplorable.


I reckon so. Not sure if you were aware of this, but they had more passes in the final third than us




Kroenke has probably just found out the result from one the cowboys that work on his ranch.

Kroenke: What was the score in the soccer match yesterday between my team…what are they called… oh… that’s right…Arsenal and Huddersfield United?

Cowboy: Your team won sir, by two points to one.

Kroenke: Yeeeehaaa, and the fans say we need to spend my money on new players.
These supporters think they know more than me about how to run a successful soccer team.
I’m making a fortune and they’re paying for it.
That’s all you need to know.


Then spends another 5B on his shit NFL team no-one cares about


A relatively routine win yesterday - it would have been nice to keep a clean sheet (especially against a team that have had so many issues in front of goal) however three points keeps us in the hunt for fourth.

Hope City do us a favour later on.