Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


The one positive is with 12 games left we’re only 1 point off top 4, which is an improvement on last season.

I just can’t see how we outpoint United and Chelsea to 4th over these last 12 games given the level of our performances.


No world class manager will sign for Arsenal.


I agree, why would they?


Not under Kroenke ownership anyway.

Which is why it’s imperative we have a manager that enables us to punch above our weight against the better teams, is Emery that guy? Time will tell.


It wouldnt hurt Emery to at least try to punch above his weight. It would only help him to land a “bigger” job than Arsenal (even as I type that it hurts)

If he achieves CL football at the end of this season and has a Tottenham-like season in the league next season (we’re probably 2 or 3 seasons away from doing a Liverpool and even then, everything has to come together perfectly) then he can put that on his CV and move on. It’s counter productive for him to do anything else


Didn’t watch the match, heard a lot of mixed bag. Mainly that we played shite but still managed to win. Apparently, Huddersfield were on it today but didn’t capitalize.


We should have won about 5-3, which is embarassing in and of itself.


Thats two pathetic showings against this team this season. Sokratis and Bellerin and the summer window wont move this forward quick enough.
We havent for 3 years or so now had any identity in a positive way. The board has no direction and we are in a huge mess.
Our main aim now should be to find a way of playing with a bit of style and control. Top 4 is secondary for me at this stage as we are getting uglier by the game. Cardiff was dire. City was okay till half time and then we died. Today was average as fuck and you cant see what we are trying to achieve out their.
Without a game plan being implemented that we can carry out we simply wont get top 4 or be good enough to land the Europa.
Not bothered how close points we are to fourth, we wont be making it. Not enough quality on or off the pitch. Nothing classy about this club right now.


If that was the kind of performance we put in against relegation fodder 6 months+ in, all I can ask is what has been going on in terms of progression to Emery’s ideal style?

The football on display is UGLY


One of my biggest problems with Wenger wasn’t tactics but his (recently) terrible and lackluster squad recruitment, so I’m all for it.


My biggest problems with Wenger were both the tactics and recruitment; in other words, the two most important things he was in charge of.


Marry this up to his influence in the boardroom and this is were the mess has been created. The problem is we are writing another season off without a shred of evidence on or off the field that we are moving anyway forward.
Thought up to christmas we where. Then since then Chelsea apart we look somewhere between boring and clueless.


I won’t judge him fully since there are quite a few caveats as this club from top to bottom is not in ideal shape at all, however, next season he’ll be under the lights and we’ll see where he is at. We should definitely be seeing an identity being formed at this stage though but it continues to be as nonexistent as it was under Wenger.

Right now though, it’s pretty damn dire. Top four is not happening and even pinning our hopes on the Europa is seriously a long shot.


Top 4 could actually happen, but it is the performances that are supremely worrying… somehow we are cobbling enough points to be 1 out of 4th.


In order for us to land top four it would perhaps have to be the flukeiest top four finish for years.

I don’t see United or a Chelsea being that charitable because we surely are not good enough to take it by force.


Yeah but it could happen… Chelsea will lose tomorrow probably… Utd have at least one more good wobble in them, but my money is on them atm for top 4… agree it is long-shot, but can’t count us out with 12 to go and only 1 point back.


Laca’s reply :joy::joy::joy:


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Elpenny needs to be binned off ASAP.

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