Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


3 point horror-show… I’ll have more to say later, but that was worse than any performance I can recall under AW, despite the 3 points.


Most managers won’t be able to do so at this club; there’s only a couple of them out there and we can’t get them rn


I want to have a style that doesn’t consist of 100 less passes than Huddersfield in the final 3rd.


There are lots of reasons to give Emery a break, today ain’t one of them…


I never said he should be given a break today, I just don’t like the attitude that he’s a “bum” and that people appear to hope he’ll fail so that they’re proven right


need to give Emery the summer. this squad is full of awful. PURGE IT


Stats for this game are a terrible read




Agree with that… many in that camp started that way and are determined to be proven right… virtually all scenarios that were realistic for Arsenal at the start of the season will give ammo to those - squad and injuries are an absolute shambles and we started with what is clearly in retrospect the 6th best squad… It is unbelievable how bad some players were today though.


I’m starting to believe all this stuff about give Emery time will have dried the fuck up by next season.

At that time he will be under the lights, it’s early days but there are some worrying signs tbh. Sure the squad is garbage but he should be getting more out of it in spite of this, surely that’s what is required as the successor to Wenger? Can’t write him off at all but we should expect more than this shower of shit.


Yeah especially on a day like this… chance to strut and pounce and build some momentum but we were a calamity.


Forget the squad etc, no excuse for a team like Huddersfield having more than a 100 passes in the final third than Arsenal.


3 clean sheets so far should we even put defenders on the pitch


Yep… we were an absolute disaster today… I seriously can’t recall a worse performance, win, lose or draw.


no comeback to this tbf haha. awful game from us. Shades of last season away from home


Exactly. Unless we get an absolute world class manager, who wouldn’t come anyway this season, we’re going to struggle at the start of a difficult rebuild.

Id rather not have our fans hound out a guy who hasn’t had enough time yet.


Agree - I just try to call it like I see it in wrt game analysis… I am waiting to see what happens this summer and how functional we start next year… and I’d also like to see some better football start to emerge, but with these players…


We agree on one thing, Arsenal need a world class manager in order to compete at the top end of the Premier League.


Honestly a terrible game of football player’s unavailable aside, Emery needs to figure out how to dispatch these teams like a big club or we’re going nowhere in league in the seasons after this one.

Really unsold on the usage of fullbacks, but its not like Kolasinac is great or anything, basing a style of play around mediocre players is asking for a lot.


Absolutely. If we can’t outspend our rivals, that’s how the ground has to be made up (and with a good recruitment team, a huge part of which we’ve just lost).

There’s no need to continually shit on Emery though. If at the end of his 2 or 3 years he’s gotten us back into the CL, that sets us up nicely for the future.