Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


So 6th place it is, at the end of the season. It could have been worse.


We’re garbage. This new system every game isn’t going to work.


Lots of deadwood need to piss off in the Summer.


Huddersfield the real winners in a game of never scores vs never keep a clean sheet away from home.

I thought today was our chance to keep a clean sheet away from home, don’t think it’ll happen all season in the league now.


Thanks for coming.


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We win a match and my weekend is still ruined by that second half. Arsenal really can be a bunch of cunts sometimes


Doesn’t feel like a win to me, I so wanted to get a comfortable clean sheet against a crap team with no attack to speak of. For gods sake Arsenal :laughing:





The passes stat normally doesnt mean shit but in this game that stat is disgusting


Fuck my life this 5-3-2 is aids


So happy we managed to get a win against Hudder-celona


Fancy having 100 less passes than Huddersfield in the final 3rd :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

This bum manager won’t suruvive beyond 19/20 season of that I’m getting more certain by the week.


Yep it’s really frustrating, but when our only passable right back isn’t a right back he’s tempted into it I guess


The thing that scares me is I feel like you’d be annoyed if he came good and the club did well, just cause your prediction would be off


Iwobi is destroying watching Arsenal for me.


Nah that’s incorrect, I wanted Wenger to prove me wrong post 2014 day but it just starts to become clear when things won’t happen, no point living in delusion.

Unai Emery ain’t the man to lead us to our next title challenge, I’ve seen enough with his lack of implementation, identity and style.


Huddersfield are the worst team in the PL and have conceded 46 goals this season including seventeen goals in their games against Man City and Chelsea alone.
Yet that’s only ten more than us, who are supposedly a club challenging for a top four place.

Both Cardiff and Huddersfield, between them, have managed forty shots against us and they are two of the worst attacking teams in the PL.

Why hasn’t this been sorted out?


you want him to have a style with a squad that isnt even his and is playing square pegs in round holes because of injuries and inheriting a totally unbalanced squad gtfo…miserable biased sod.