Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


Some were fair critics, while the others were just trolling. Good lad Ainsley.


Why respond?

Sign of a weak mentality


He’s being sarcastic. Like he gives a fuck what fans on Instagram say.


Is he? Obviously cares enough to read and write a response

There’s literally no need to say anything at all


Imagine if Mustafi announced he was going to reply to supporters criticisms of him.
Instagram would go into meltdown.


No this is not the way to look at it. We need to find a decent level of football and style of play and some tactical nous.
Just putting blind faith in signing 2 or 3 players in summer is and becoming a good side is fanciful and simplistic.
We need to show something more than ugly and panic ball with the occasional good goal by Auba papering over cracks.
Its been a bad season with the odd good game but nothing to suggest we are progressing. The football is more important than the the results right now. We need an identity first and foremost.


The results help you to get into the Champions League. We can’t miss out on it again.


We can and are very likely going to. We wont make it because of lack of quality on the pitch and the fact we havent got any sort of style or system.
Its not great having to be in the Europa but everyone at the club has failed this season and eveyone needs to up their game as soon as.


I am starting to get very worried watching us play. We are struggling and the Huddersfield game was another example. I know we have defensive issues but we looked very average in midfield and upfront. I couldn’t see the pressing game that is Unai’s style. If anything, we were being pressed. Actually, am not sure what our style of play is to be honest. We are coming to the last few months of the season and things are starting to look disjointed.

I really hope Unai has a plan here and is only limited by the players and/or their technical quality cause at the moment, you don’t know what to expect from this team.


Missed the game because of a power outage (I live a 3.5 world country). But it sounds like the game went about as I expected. I’m quickly beginning to lose faith in Emery’s ability to get this team playing the way they need to. It’s not lack of talent. We have plenty of talent. We look feckless, disorganized, and aimless. If it was one or two players you could blame them, but if the whole team is this lackluster then the buck stops on the manager’s desk. I think he has the tactical ideas… but to me, it really looks like a failure to make his players execute on the plan.


Maybe because our current players are fucking clueless and shit :mustafi: