Howard Webb and his Cabal of Cunts

I genuinely can’t accept that it wasn’t a penalty. It looks to me quite clearly that Azpilicueta was preventing Saka from making his movement in the box and also that Saka grabbed him in order to get loose.


Teams are allowed to kick us because “Arsenal don’t like it up them”. All these referees are fucking Northern and if we retaliate it’s an instant red card. Fuck them all.


Given that Asphyxicueta was the player that initiated the contact, that he was the player at a disadvantage, being behind Saka instead of between Saka and the goal, where he is supposed to be, and tried to hold and stop him, I think it’s fair to assume Saka was trying to prevent him from grabbing a hold on him rather than wanting to hold onto him.


I actually thought it was good refereeing. In the current climate it’s easy for him too just leave that.


I don’t think it’s unfair to suggest Southgate’s golden boys can get away with a bit more these days. If you play well for England (who I assume every PL ref cheer for) people will most likely like you more. Saka got a pen yesterday too.


The penalty was the correct decision, in my view. It is quite incredible that Mount didn’t get a red card (on two occasions) and that Sarr didn’t get his second yellow for that foul on Cedric.


Agreed. And I can’t prove it but I reckon he told VAR he didn’t need another look. I have no evidence beyond a feeling they suggested it.


Just goes to show the difference going down makes unfortunately. If Saka stays on his feet no pen.
If Cedric stays on the ground and gets a free kick I really think the ref would have given the second yellow

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How bad is officiating in this country?

Just had a look at who is doing FA Cup Final, as that used to be the pinnacle in England in terms of being a referee. And it’s Pawson, the guy who did our game yesterday.

If he is considered the best man for the job, then we’re doomed.


The standard in English football is quite poor. Throw in very poor VAR implementation and it’s not good for the so-called best league in the world. Add in a non-respondent FA and you get this crap we see week in and week out.

MLS games are officiated better.

I don’t understand the basis of the big Utd complaints about the ref yesterday. The only decision he got badly wrong was not sending Fernandes off for seriously danagerous foul play.

We’re so used to seeing a lot worse against us though so we feel relatively grateful the ref didn’t rob us of the game.


Think they had reason to complain about Cedric handball


Yes it would have been a dreadfuul decision to give for that when he was falling over on his hands and knees.

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If the biggest thing they’ve got to complain about is something Peter Walton said was not a penalty as there’s a particular rule preventing it, then they can piss off

So many times this season we’ve been robbed, we deserved one game where we didn’t lose purely due to the ref


Going to miss Jon Moss missing all the action because it took him too long to get down the pitch

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We were very lucky Martinelli did not have a foot planted when Ayling jumped in two footed today. It was hideous challenge and from over 100 yards away as obvious a red as it’s possible to see.

Was shocked when the ref initially gave just a yellow. Very easy for Var to turn it to red and it did its job for a change.

Disgusting challenge from Ayling and a career threatening one too.


The ref knows its going to VAR and whichever decision he makes will be overturned if it’s clearly wrong.
So the decision should be based on probability rather certainty, and shouldn’t be scared to give the red just because he’s not 100% sure.

If on the balance of probability he doesn’t think its a red, (bearing in mind his positioning for it), he shouldn’t be reffing in the prem.

I just think you solve the whole thing by giving the ref the ability to just watch it for himself again if he feels the need instead of the imperative to make an immediate decision.

I immediately thought red but did the ref go yellow because he initially thought it was a slip? I’d like if the refs explained themselves a little because it might be easier to forgive some of the stuff they do get wrong then.


I don’t like the whole spectacle of going to the screen. You’re clearly going to change your decision, so just do it.

Not defending the challenge (Martinelli was lucky to continue) but you could be onto something.

It did look, at the last minute, like he’d slipped when I saw it.

I suppose the after reaction maybe gives it away as to whether it’s a slip or not? Genuine remorse, checking on the welfare of the player, explaining the slip to opposition players would be more indicative of a slip.