How to buy Arsenal Tickets for Beginners


I’m going to London at Easter for the weekend as a Christmas present for my mum. Gonna do all the tourist stuff and I seen we have a home game against Stoke that weekend.

I just signed up for a red membership. What would the chances be of getting 3 tickets?

No bigee if I can’t but worth trying since I’ll be in London that weekend!


Just go on your own!!!

You might luck out with friends and family if we’ve been sufficiently shit in the league by the end of Feb…


Ha my thoughts are we’re shit and its against Stoke so there maybe will be a chance. It’s really a three or nothing thing. Which i’m fine with tbh.


Hello to everyone. I’m new to this forum , so if i make any mistakes please be understanding with me.

I am not from UK, and i have an opportunity to visit London on 24-28 January.

My problem. I wanted to buy a ticket for Arsenal-Chelsea Carabao Cup game on 24 January. I went to the site, there were free seats still available, but i couldn’t buy it because i wasn’t a member. After i aquired Red membership for 34 Pounds, it doesn’t even let me see the seats. Previously i could see the available remaining seats.

If anyone can have an advice for me I would be grateful. I feel sorry(cheated) for paying 34 pounds for nothing, but the Arsenal ticketing site is really misleading.



Hi and Welcome.

Yes unfortunately the membership is wasted money…

Based on this i would say it’s unlikely to go general sale either.

Tickets will only be available to members who renewed or joined the Arsenal membership before 10:00pm on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

We have made this decision following consultation with the Police and to ensure we are in line with crowd segregation requirements. We do apologise for any inconvenience this causes.


Thanks for the answer. Maybe i can ask for my money back for the membership. A refund or something. It’s pointless for me to have this.


I would certainly ask but I equally wouldn’t hold out much hope. Let us know how you get on.


I think the Arsenal policy on this is perfectly right and should’ve been implemented long before it was, it’s also stated very clearly.

Difficult for those who don’t speak English as a first language though, you’ve just been unfortunate here :confused:


First time going to an Arsenal game. Haven’t bought tickets before and looking for West Ham in April. What’s the best way to getting 2 tickets when the time comes?


Hello again.

I came back to give you the latest update on my story with the bought membership for tickets. After a conversation with the guys from ticketing site, they agreed to return my money and cancel the membership. I’m really sad that i can’t attend a game on the Emirates but at least i got my money back.



Good to hear you got your money back :slight_smile:


Anyone got any practical advice for our friend here. Would be a shame for him (I’m guessing) to miss out. :slight_smile:


Tickets haven’t sold out for that match yet. Still on sale to anyone with a membership. They might open it up further… would be a shame to have empty seats.


It’s not to “anyone with a membership”. Because that’s what i thought first. My only chance to have a ticket is for them to go on general sale from what i understood, which is highly unlikely.


My friend bought tickets from a membership. And from what I have seen on Twitter, it seems tickets are still being sold… read these threads for example.

Kinda get this guy’s point


If you read back you had to be a member prior to a certain date and Bonzo wasn’t. So membership isn’t a route for him to get a ticket unfortunately. It’s either general sale or pick one up through a trustworthy seller. And I don’t know any of those :slight_smile:


Ah ok, I didn’t read that part. Sorry, I should read everything :grimacing: One of my friend’s literally bought 6 tickets an hour ago though, so they are not in demand - they could yet go on general sale.


Anybody got a ticket for sale for the Everton game tomorrow?


Thank you so much for the detailed information on ticketing.
Could anyone let me know how hard it usually is to buy Crystal Palace tickets for matches at The Emirates?

I am a Canadian who has been an Arsenal Supporter since I was 12 years (a total of 45 years).
My wife and I are visiting England in April/May 2019. The only only home match at that time is Crystal Palace (20 April 2019).

I am willing to just through all the hoops in order to purchase tickets (buying Red Membership, arising at 2:00 am our time to get in line to buy tickets when released, etc.), but not to be guaranteed tickets is rather heartbreaking.

I checked with StubHub and can get tickets at £220 each is extortion (but will have to do it if no other way). Even then you only get approximate seats & can’t guarantee that the seats are good.

I know that Crystal Palace isn’t the biggest draw, but should I risk buying Red Memberships and perhaps ending up ticketless, or suck it up and buy from StubHub?

Thank you for reading my whinge. Any advise would be much appreciated.


Think you’d be pretty safe to be honest. Probably a cat B game (London derby) so slightly more expensive tickets which puts some off. Your only problem would probably arise if we were still in the title race around then. :poldi: