How to buy Arsenal Tickets for Beginners


Used to be really simple. Just tag @Robin_L not sure it works anymore though :slight_smile:


Hi guys! If I buy red membership for myself can I buy a ticket for someone else then?


I won’t have many tickets for sale this season realistically, but just ask whenever you need and I might be able to help out :+1:


Not unless the game goes to friends and family. More info here…


is there a way to buy tickets without being a member?


There’s a FAQ at the top of the page or in the post above you. Not that I have much knowledge about how full it’s gonna be but my guess is that it’s gonna be tough.


yeah it´s really tough! bit frustrating, when i see that arsenal throw out the tickets for 15 pound, for my opinion and i want a good crowd nice atmosphere in the stadium, but it seems arsenal would like to have most of plastic fans in the stadium… but that´s my opinion only for the first EL league game. Cn´t say anything, how it works on premier league games…

still looking for a ticket for Cologne game, if someone could help me, i´m very thankful! just need a friendly arsenal member :slight_smile:


How does cheap tickets = plastic fans? Would have thought the opposite myself and especially so on a Thursday evening.


no, doesn´t mean that!
in germany when there´s a game, wich is not that interessting for home crowd, they sell cheap or free tickets to school and want to get them in stadium for first time! In germany they sometimes want to get new plastic fans in stadium with this method. they bring money, but don´t make any trouble…that´s what they want. if it´s different in england, i´m very glad about it.

just can´t understand that we only got 2900 tickets! that´s a bad joke! and now arsenal does everything that it´s impossible to get a ticket… i´m very frustrated about it… so i thought they just want to have some quiet people in there. if i was wrong, i´m sorry :slight_smile:


Surprised to learn Cologne are only getting 2900 tickets unless there’s some weird Europa League rule I don’t know about.

They should be relaxing the rules on that a la Fa Cup games and letting 9,000 of them in to boost the atmosphere imo, albeit Arsenal having to cover the extra cost of the policing


they should do that! they do sell more tickets and can put that into cost for police :wink: if they do let 9000 of us in the stadium, there will be still 2000 at the streets / pubs. If just 2900 are in there, you will have 10000 at the streets, this will make police costs aswell…

if you want to help to make better atmosphere at this game, you can help me to get Tickets. I´ll pay directly and will sing louder as i can :slight_smile: i promise!


Really all you need is a Red Member who lives in London who is able to meet you on the day of the game or whenever you get into London and physically hand you the card.

I don’t live in London but if I did I would help you out if I could. Try a website called Good luck :+1:


Thank you!
It´s easier to say as really to find a red member :wink: searching since Friday all time! But thank you for the next site i can search, maybe i have luck there.

but if there´s another red member reading here, i would be really thankful if you could help me out! Cheers


Hello, i am a new member and i need tickets for the match Arsenal vs. Cologne can anyone help me? its very important!!!


I also pay a good price if someone can help me.


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This is the tickets thread. So long as he keeps his requests here he’s fine.


it was someone else doing stuff about passports etc not this poor guy lol


Oh yeah, he’s gone. :slight_smile:


Does anyone have two tickets for Arsenal vs spurs???