Houssem Aouar

It’ll be helped by his brother and player both wanting him to go there as well.


Sorry, that’s just not true.
The only reason you may think that is because us overspending stings more given how conservative we’re with money.

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£40,000,001 for Luis Suárez anyone…!!! Oh how things have changed!

Aouar stocks are going down.
Might be a good opportunity to go for him. Wouldn’t mind a cheeky £35m bid.

Have you seen him play this season? Someone mentioned him earlier so I had a quick look and his stats aren’t the best, but better than last year.

But the reason I ask is, he never plays 90 minutes he’s subbed between 55 and 70 almost every game. Why?

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Last time I saw him was against PSG back in November, I think. He looked alright.
I would have checked Lyon out more if they were playing in the CL or EL.

From what I gather online there have been many questions over his commitment at Lyon.
Caqueret has been the one getting the spotlight now instead. His absence from the U21s was the big topic when the squads were announced. Not enough fuss was made about Aouar being demoted.

Yet another game on the bench for Aouar. Looks like the odd one out in this Lyon team now.
Not sure if there is a way back for him, surely Aulas will want to cash in on him.

We heard before that Mikel is a big fan of his and he was the player he asked last summer but ended having to settle with Partey.
Could get him for 30-40m now I reckon.

Thank God we didn’t get him last summer. Arteta really wanted him, and it’s only more concerning signs that Arteta’s taste in players is absolutely dogshit.


Would you mind us signing him on the cheap if we can’t get Odegaard?

No. In that case we need our boy from the canaries




If he’s not good enough for Lyon, he’s not good enough for us.


Why not? Midtable French team to a bottom half La Liga side happens all the time.