Hipster of the Year 2016

This poll will close on Thursday 15th December 19:00

  • AbouCuellar
  • Arsenal4thetreble
  • Burgundy
  • Calum
  • GunnerGirl
  • Lengooner
  • Persona
  • Trion

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One of two new awards for 2016, who will be the first time winner of the OA Hipster of the Year?

@AbouCuellar @BigWeng_4LYFE @Burgundy @Calum @GunnerGirl @Lengooner @Persona @SRCJJ

i feel like this trophy should have a moustache @Bl1nk :smiley:



Can I just stipulate my dictionary definition for hipster is arrogant fuckwit/pure shitcunt.

Inb4 someone says “surely that’s you then”


This trophy is a fucking set up for the record. Cunts, the lot of you.

Also what’s up with this voting thing? You can just change your vote as you like @Mysty ?

what classes me as a hipster? haha just wondering

The award doesn’t make any sense, it’s just for angry fucks like @Gio to feel like they get some revenge / shit-spouting hipsters like a4tt to cover up their shit-spouting. :wink:

[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:6, topic:1010”]
Also what’s up with this voting thing? You can just change your vote as you like @Mysty ?
[/quote]Technically yes, that’s the downside of this poll software. I’d prefer it people stick to voting for someone and leave it after that :slight_smile:

surely that’s you then you odious little eye-tie cunt


Shut up and take your victory Hipster of the year :iwobi:

Abou has this shit locked up!

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I always thought hipster was someone who didn’t like stuff because it was popular. Which is not me. So I guess it has multiple meanings.

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This award was made just to fuck with Abou lol, of course he would win.


Well I actually voted Burgundy. Considering he’s the hipster AC idolizes.

Easiest decision of them all

I voted you for the Shyamalan twist ending but it doesn’t look to be :santi:


Should be you, really, the “I’m really reasonable so I’m writing here some reasonable stuff without ever really agreeing with anyone but seeming to add some reasonable stuff to the conversation” is probably the new wave of hipsterism. :kissing_heart:

This award is really about giving it back to the guy who is a loud-mouthed/sarcastic cunt. Before I was the Wenger zealot no matter what I said despite pointing out that I disagreed with him on certain occasions and was always open to new evidence to prove I shouldn’t back him, when that turned out to be true it turned to you’re just a contrarian/hipster man! What’s stayed constant? The loud-mouth/sarcastic cunt part.

You got mine anyway.


It’s reaction like this which makes it worth having this award.


Yeah, for once you’re dead right.