Highly rated players who you don't rate


I’ll start:

Never saw the big deal about Ribery and I don’t see what’s so special about Griezmann.


Edison Cavani. attractive on the eye but never delivers enough against top opposition for me.

Dele Alli (though i’m not sure if people still rate him after the season he has had).

In the past, Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard. I found Gerrard quite selfish at times. I know Liverpool fans worshipped the ground he walked on, but the adoration was quite OTT IMO. And he didn’t often perform for England.

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In past, Ballack

I think I have something against Germans.

100% agree on Delle Alli. Maybe Eriksen too if I’m being biased?

Marcus Rashford is another one. And I’ll get hugely roasted for this but Bacary Sagna was for me back in the day. I used to find him hugely frustrating


Good call on all 3 of them.

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I wasn’t happy that we let him go the way we did, but I never really was that high on Aaron Ramsey. Would have liked to keep him in the current circumstances but I think that says more about the club tbh.


I remember Sagna not being able to cross a ball and when he did it never cleared his first man.

So fucking shit going forward, but reliable in defence (although never really stellar either)


Raheem Sterling. Runs like a bitch. No left foot. Cant shoot. Overrated cunt. He can thank Guadiola for his career.

Exactly this!!! Was the only thing he’d do at times: Stop the ball, spending 5 minutes taking half a step back, then looking up and crossing the ball to literally no-one


Sergio Ramos is the main one in current world football that I just can’t get my head around.

Absolute liability the way he throws himself into tackles and has a piss poor temperament for anybody who is supposed to be a WC centre back. How many red cards has this guy got in his career? He only has a reputation because he scores lots of goals for a CB, but that’s not his job. Judging him as a pure defender, he doesn’t hold a candle to some of the greats of the last couple of decades even though many people will put him up there with the likes of Cannavaro, Nesta etc.


Ross Barkley is one ive never got my head round. Been around a few years now and never gets to any real level.


Van Dijk,

Given the Current lack of world class defenders in the PL, the outpour for this guy is insane.


A controvertial one here… Paul Scholes. I love his playing style and what he did on the pitch (not so much his nasty side), but when people rate him and his impact nowadays it seems like they’re talking about some different guy compared to what he really did in his prime. Back in their primes both gerrard and lampard were better. I mean they were in competition for ballon d or in ther peak, scholes was never up there. And nowadays people see him as some superiror being compared to them.


Mesut Ozil


Sergio Ramos - goal scoring CB but someone with his card record which is highest in La Liga history with 19 of them being red is no great defender. The way he makes team of the season every damn year even when Barca won the treble with MSN is hilarious.

Casemiro - doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of Kante and Fernandinho. The amount of thuggery he gets away with is a joke, both for Real and Brazil.

Pogba - simply does not have it in him to be “the man”, if he’s supposed to be even the 2nd best player on your team let alone the best then you’re in big trouble. Additionally, his consistency is dire and doesn’t perform in big games.

Dele Ali - had that great goal scoring season but if he’s not scoring with his excellent movement then he’s not doing much else, don’t see why he plays for England as much as he does. With his current game he isn’t what they need, he’s has slowly been improving his all round game though.

Martial - has hit a wall in terms of development, looked like he had something but now is a one trick pony. Doesn’t run in behind and always wants it to feet, also lack consistency and the mindset to become elite. United should have sold him but instead handed him 250K a week.

Rashford - decent to good young player but I don’t think he has it in him to be a legitimate #1 option for a top team, doesn’t score consistently enough, misses chances for fun and is lacking that special aura #9’s have which is evident even from a young age. Has time on his side but I don’t think he makes the jump to true elite status regardless.

Alisson - I do rate him and has clearly made a different for Liverpool but don’t quite rate him as some others do, from what I’ve seen I think Ederson is clearly the better keeper and it’s mystifying as to why he starts over Ederson for Brazil.

Phil Jones defies logic that he is a united player and England international performance and injury wise. Total dud.

The majority of the England squad. Especially Maguire, Dier, Rashford & Lingard.

Lol yeah I’m downright sick of people always banging on about how Phil Jones is a “beast” and “a very good defender”.


Found one - Malcom