Henry Onyekuru


I have nothing against this signing as long as this isn’t the only striker we sign. We need to take a chance or two on young talent and am perfectly okay with us signing a couple of such youngsters each summer. One of them is bound to come good. Even if one in 6 or 8 come good, we would more than recover the money spent on others. If this is happening, I hope it happens soon so he can start settling in and we can move on to other, more important and relevant signings.


Henry Onyekumehere


Think he needs to get a cap for Nigeria to settle any work permit issues that seem to be an obstacle at the moment.



Looking at Eupen’s match records on Transfermarkt, they actually played a lot of 3-4-3, with Onyekuru generally playing on the left, basically the Alexis role in our setup. He seems more like a winger or wide forward than a striker at this point in his career, doing most of his damage when receiving the ball to feet in a little space on the wing and then taking men on and creating danger.

Its the Belgian league but that goal return (24 goals, 9 assists in all comps) is pretty impressive given that he played on the wing for a bad team that didn’t score very often and clearly didn’t have a lot of surrounding talent.


Nacho liked this tweet.

Meltdown incoming.


Now watch Wenger give this kid the Iwobi treatment, preferring dross like Giroud, Welbeck, and Ox.


He is coming to town!


in no way is Ox dross you cretin. :smile:


Leave Welbeck out of this, pal.


Nothing wrong with that. Kid will need time to bed in.


He’s 19 ! Will get a sniff in the league cup at most this year. Hopefully there’s a move for a lacazette or someone of that ilk , in the pipeline.
No doubt the lad looks like he has bags of raw talent though


Remember we are in the Europa League.
There’s more than enough games to try out players like Onyekuru in.


Called it :laughing:, his agent was far too vocal about a deal that was apparently very close and he had history, he did the same thing in January and Onyekuru also went on strike for a move to Celtic that had no chance of happening.


I keep trying to forget the EL :man_facepalming:t2:


Hahahaha typical


Meh he wasn’t that good anyway :wink:


Fuck! He has spoken. We are doomed.




Yes, silly stroopwaffel weed boy, now we will sign no-one and get relegated.

RIP Arsenal.

I will support Chelsea now.