Henry Onyekuru


Oh wow, some diversity. Now I want a Stroopwafel.


How convenient :smiley: I just had one at work!


Wow, you’re lucky, I can’t imagine there’s many work places that will let you smoke a joint on the job :wink:


Second summer in a row an Henry link has failed to come through. :weary:


Well the lad certainly seems to think we’ve made a bid for him, unless there is a bit of creative translation going on with the term “make a bid for me”


Hasnt got bad stats at all for a 19 year old too be fair, i reckon he is worth a punt especially for what is chump change to the epl.


This guy’s now being linked with Birmingham City. What the fuck


Makes total sense.

We always get used by agents looking to raise the profile of their players, they hardly ever join top clubs afterwards.


On his way to Everton via a loan spell at Anderlecht now apparently



This has been confirmed. Signed by Everton and loaned out to Anderlecht.


well guess we will see what he’s made of in a years time