Henry Onyekuru


Sounds promising.


Well. Carrasco and Hazard moved as actual youth players. And Monaco and Lille weren’t and aren’t exactly clubs of our level. Genk is a bigger club than Eupen. De Bruyne had at least more experience and if I’m not mistaken won the League.



Finally a prospect striker. Prepared to give Wenger another chance if he has a good summer. Would have still preferred he left though.


I’m talking about the quality.

Mahrez was a Le Havre winger before to join Leicester.


Whilst Leicester was a Championship-club.

It’s not a bad thing to sign Onyekuru, but it just doesn’t fit with what we need. Age-wise it isn’t a clean fit with the rest of our squad who are at peak age. With three strikers on the books, if this goes through, I find it unlikely Wenger is going to get rid of Giroud or Welbeck to make room for another striker.


He isn’t a striker, he plays on the left wing.

…and doesn’t matter if Leicester bought Mahrez when they were on Championship, but if the player had and has the quality to play.


Spurs fan defending us. Scenes!


Of course it matters. From Le Havre to a Championship club is an easier step than to a top 6 Premier League club. Less pressure, more time to get adjusted to the new environment/level etc etc


I don’t know how high fees usually are in the League One. But 5 million pounds for a player from the third (!) level does seem like a lot :wink:. But in worked out for them looking back.


Rob Holding passed to be part of a relegation team to won the FA Cup.


It doesn’t matter what league you play in if you have the talent.


So if he’s the next Hazard he’s not what we need? I suppose Wenger made a mistake signing future world player of the year George Weah too. Future world player of the year, fuck that, not enough experience, not what we need. Shouldn’t have signed youth players like RVP and Fabregas, not what we needed. We should wait until they move to France and we can’t compete with City and United for their transfer fee.

The only issue I have is not signing enough of this type of talent.

The only problem with this signing is he might not get a work permit.


I think every club, especially those without near unlimited resources need a steady inflow of young cheap forward talent.


Exciting to have a young, fast forward. Want to bet he’ll turn out to be a better signing than whoever Lukaku signs for?


It’s nice but you need to chill with that talk.


He is not what this squad needs right now. I’m not familiar with the surroundings regarding George Weah, but van Persie and Fabregas were added during a time we had a competitive team. We need a player who can add to the first team directly and knowing how peculiar Wenger is with numbers in a squad, I fear we won’t add another forward after making this signing.


Or we just need to make that big investment. Adding Campbell, Sanogo, Malen etc is nice, but it doesn’t do anything for us. Especially since the chances of youth players actually making it are very slim.


Its Takuma Asano I feel sorry for.


what about Sanogo? can’t leave him out


Hopefully he’s the attacking version of Rob Holding.