Henry Onyekuru


Me too still buzzing from that FA Cup win !? So happy :facepunch:t5:


Campbell. Sanogo. Not quite confident in this signing tbh.

Apparantly he’ll make his decision after the international break. Nigeria plays South-Africa on the 9th of June…


This kid’s youtube video really impressed me, looks night and day from Sanogo.


More in the sense of another unknown player coming from some obscure club/competition, still very young with no ‘real’ experience…


Gambling on yoof ain’t all that bad, it’s just a case of knowing when to cut the cord on the wrong ones.


Yeh six million is still a lot of money for him but if he could at least play from the bench a little and maybe let us hope for a Holding type scenario - which should actually be easier for an attacker especially if our midfield is working and creative.

Like a few on here have said it’s a real bummer we haven’t had young promising striker for so long because there really isn’t any excuse for not taking the odd punt like this.


It can hurt us when these kids have to play a bigger role than they were supposed too. Like Sanogo in 13/14. With Welbeck’s injury proneness he could very well be our back-up striker, if we get the deal done.


If we buy him he will be for depth i dont think that we will be relying on him. If he turns out to be another Holding people wont complain either but considering that Wenger might still stay this will be his last contract so i am sure he will not just sit there with only 2 years left just starting another project he will try to win something big.


I’m sold on this based on his scout nation video and the fact that he wears Henry on his shirt


Henry on the shirt is pretty much orgasmic, I have to agree… if he is a fraction of Titi, we have a player.


I like the cut of his jib


So have we signed him yet


If we’re ‘close’ to signing him it must mean we only have 5, maybe 6 weeks to wait for confirmation. Excited.


Btw. Regarding Holding; the sample size has been very small still. I wouldn’t say he has established himself, yet.


We are gonna see him in training before we announce him.


Oh yeah for sure, but there is no doubting we have a serious talent on our hands. But as with all talents its up to the player to progress, but at least with Holding he seems mature enough to want to progress and works hard and wants to be a big player rather than think ‘i have made it now’




I like this signing, we need to make a habit of going after talented prospects particularly strikers.

Can’t neglect bringing in a proper #9 to lead the line next season though.


People ask who is he. Who were De Bruyne & Carrasco when they were at Genk or Eden Hazard at Tubize?

Rob Holding hasn’t been good enough to convince some people which money aren’t connected with the quality.