Henry Onyekuru


Is he back? :giroud:


Back in training and sexy af to boot. :heart_eyes:

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Dunno how this got into this thread it was meant to answer ur question in the mustafi thread


The fuck is even goin on ? lol I’m gonna stay in the shadows in future.


This guy looks good, reminds me abit of Keita Balde.


This is looking close and he does look impressive. His dribbling, pace and bag of tricks is obviously top draw but he looks cool and composed in front of goal too. Sometimes his final ball is a bit off but there’s allot to work with. Might turn out better than some of the ‘top talents’ people want.

Also not sure how many goals this lad has:


They say 14, but the tally says 20 and wiki says 23. Whoscored says 13 in all comps but tallies to 23



We once had a troll on here called Londres Topo. A lot of people found his unique posting style pretty amusing and he was quite well liked by the standards of trolls.

So sometimes when we get new members people make jokes about Topo returning, it’s just people having a bit of fun and doesn’t reflect on you at all.

Don’t let it put you off posting mate haha


A topo is a mole. Casillas, for example, when he was accused of leaking stuff to the press in Madrid, was accused of being a ‘topo’. So Topo’s name in English was LondonMole…

What a genius, that guy. Even his name was brilliant.


After all these years, thats just elevated his status even more.

What a guy.


I did not know that either. Like peeling an onion, or staring into the abyss and wanting to jump in. Still though, Mario101 was without a doubt my favorite.

I hope he’s still alive today to watch Ox fulfill his role in the team as a wing back using all the god given attributes at his disposal.


Ahh right ok ha! Thanks mate , makes more sense now.
But Yh I wouldn’t mind taking a punt on this fella , looks quick and has good feet and decent composure for a nipper


While we are at it, a big shout out to Sally.

What a guy.


(apart from we havent made any in quite a while)


(and we sometimes buy them too)


“Henry (Onyekuru) is close to becoming a Gunner, the transfer fee has been agreed and his weekly wages and other personal terms have been agreed,” the source told SCORENigeria


Kinda hope it is true, this guy looks like he will add a bit of directness to our frontline and along with Sanchez (if he stays of course) could see some decent stuff going down. I am not saying he is gonna be a top top talent but he doesnt too look too shabby neither!


Regular season.

Weird Belgium play-offs


He is Sanchez’s replacement :poldi:


now that would not be good…that would piss me off, just slightly, a little bit :santi:


Rob Holding ?



I’m sorry, I’m still on fire…